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Amanprana’s Alana is a mild make-up remover for eyes, lips and face and contains camomile, vitamin E and ten carotenes
Alana removes mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshade, foundation and any small impurities like fine dust. Effectively removes everything applied to your face, eyes, throat and décolleté, including waterproof make-up. Your skin feels clean, nourished and soft.
Alana is especially suited for removing eye make-up from sensitive skin and eyes. Its allergen-free formula means your eyes won't water and your skin won't be irritated. Amanprana's Alana promises you that.

Amanprana’s Alana is a mild make-up remover for eyes, lips and face and contains camomile, vitamin E and ten carotenes


Alana is finally here! The mild make-up remover that's allergen-free

The mild make-up remover for sensitive eyes and faces does not sting or burn. Alana also removes lipstick, impurities, sun cream, and waterproof make-up. It contains natural vitamin E and over ten types of carotenes, but contains zero percent chemicals, zero percent alcohol, zero percent allergens and zero percent parabens. The wheat germ oil and red palm oil together supply the natural and high-quality vitamin E (all tocopherols and tocotrienols), and the red palm oil gives you over ten carotenes. It's a proactive bouquet that nourishes the skin and gives it a youthful radiance. The Roman camomile calms the eyes, especially when suffering visible signs of fatigue and irritations. It soothes and relaxes your skin. Vitamin E and carotenes contribute to a youthful look and protect the various layers of your skin from outside influences. And don't forget: 'If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin'. Alana, to clean even the most sensitive skin mildly.

Cleans without dehydrating, that's Alana

Here's what Dr Jetske Ultee has to say about a good cleanser, which is exactly what Alana mild make-up remover does. 'By keeping your skin clean you reduce the chances of impurities, inflammations and lacklustre skin, and the other skincare products can do an extra-good job. Just like all skincare products it is important that the product is mild. Make sure it contains no irritating substances, such as perfume (scented chemicals). A cleanser should not dry the skin out. The goal of this product is to remove the dirt and make-up from your skin, but not to wash away all the grease in your skin. If your skin feels dry or taut then the product is too powerful for you.' Dr Jetske Ultee, research physician specialising in cosmetic dermatology.

No more blackheads and whiteheads, no more oily or dry skin, no more acne

‘We received an Alana make-up remover sample. Before that I was constantly using different brands. Now I’m completely convinced by the Amanprana products for purifying my skin and removing make-up. My skin feels so very soft and well-nourished. I never want to feel like my old self again.’

Liesbeth, 'Ontdek de Natuur', Diest, Belgium

Your skin acts as a buffer against the bacteria that could cause blackheads, whiteheads or acne. It creates a natural oily layer to do this, and whenever you clean your skin it reproduces that layer - as long as you don't treat it aggressively.
So it is best not to clean your skin using aggressive cleansing products, such as many soaps, washcloths or hard skin removers, or using products that are solely water-based. These could cause your skin to react by either producing additional oil to compensate for the loss (which is what oily skin does) or being unable to produce enough oil (which is what dry skin does). This means that both oily and dry skin will benefit greatly from Alana. The oil in Alana helps you to properly cleanse your skin as it bolsters the natural barrier of your skin (the epidermis). Alana goes a step further, and the make-up remover moisturizes, nourishes, protects, cares and heals your skin.

Use Alana to cleanse and remove make-up for a radiant complexion

Lovely clear skin and a radiant complexion; thanks to Alana that's no longer an impossible goal. Alana can be used very economically: you only need a few drops on a cotton pad for your daily cleansing ritual. Alana works mildly and effectively for all make-up, cleans deeply and nourishes your skin. Alana introduces just as much oil as your skin requires, but does not leave a shiny or 'oily' layer. Your skin feels fresh and deeply cleansed.

Body care: 100% organic, 100% active, 100% natural, 100% ❤

As a stage actress I am often heavily made-up. I have tried various make-up removers, and they were either ineffective or too aggressive. They irritated my eyes and dried my skin. Alana removes make-up without me having to rub hard. This hypoallergenic formula is beautifully soft. Thanks Amanprana, I never want to try another product. Estefania Garcia, stage actress, Barcelona, Spain
Alana make up remover sensitive skin acne breakouts vitamin-E Amanprana

Alana mild allergen-free make-up remover:

  • Allergen-free for sensitive skin and eyes
  • 0% chemicals, 0% alcohol, 0% parabens
  • Nourishes with vitamin E and over ten types of carotenes
  • Does not irritate or sting
  • Deep cleaning for radiant skin: no more blackheads and
    whiteheads, no more oily or dry skin, no more acne
Amanprana is NATRUE certified for organic cosmetics Amanprana cruelty free cosmetics Amanprana with 0% junk, no toxic ingredients Amanprana = BIO Amanprana=superfood 96% raw 0% gluten 0% LACTOSE Amanprana = 0% GMO 100% plantbased