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Fair world Coconut Blossom Sugar,  supplemental earnings for 850 families
Recipe Bantrek tea: Boil 1 L = 33 us fl oz =  34 uk fl oz of water and add the following ingredients: 200g = 7 ounces of Amanprana Gula Java Brut, 100 g = 3.5 ounces  fresh ginger, a 5 cm = 2 inch stick of cinnamon, pandan leaves, 5 whole cloves, and a pinch of Khoisan fleur de sel. Allow to draw for 5 to 15 minutes. Sieve and serve warm. Stir well. Tip from Ida Rohimawati (of the Amanprana fair world project): you can enrich this tea with a teaspoon of Amanprana's Kotobuki Earl Grey or Kotobuki Rooibos
In 1923, the year in which insulin was discovered, the 'sugar blues' melody was also composed: 'Everybody's singing the sugar blues. I'm so unhappy, I feel so bad. I could lay me down and die... You can say what you choose... But I'm all confused... I've got the sweet, sweet sugar blues... More sugar...' Refined sugar plays poker with your emotions. Gula Java doesn't.

Fair world Coconut Blossom Sugar, supplemental earnings for 850 families

Coconut palm sugar: coconut blossom nectar
Coconut blossom nectar

Amanprana works together with Lestari Mandiri and Hivos to obtain coconut blossom sugar. Lestari is an association that fights for small-scale farmers and their families in central Java. Hivos is a humanitarian organization that works towards a fair, free and sustainable world as well as equal opportunities for women. Because this project is about human rights we have called it fair world. The fair world project sees us working together with farmers' associations in central Java, which ensure that the harvesting and production of our coconut blossom sugar is organic and in accordance with fair trade and fair world principles. They are members of the Indonesia Organic Alliance, which strives to create more organic produce in Indonesia, and together we are aiming to supplement the income of 850 families in Indonesia and protect their eco-habitat. The coconut trees in their gardens now yield their own harvest. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has called coconut blossom sugar the most sustainable type of sugar.

Gula Java Fin

Coconut blossom powdered sugar, the perfect addition to pastries and cakes and an excellent finishing touch for desserts. Use it for homemade chocolate and chocolate sauce, or as a healthy sweetener. You can use Gula Java in anything as a substitute for sugar or syrup. Amanprana's Gula Java Fin is the world's first unrefined powdered sugar. When the rough Gula Java Brut sugar grains are ground they become lightly colored, but of course all the nutrients are retained.

Gula Java Blocs

Concentrating the nectar, Gula Java coconut palm sugar
Concentrating the nectar

Coconut blossom sugar cubes enrich hot drinks such as coffee or tea. Gula Java Blocs are a perfect snack for extra long-lasting energy, and make delicious and healthy sweets for kids. Enjoy its sweetness and gentle caramel flavor.

The link between Gula Java and honey

Honey and Gula Java are the only sweeteners derived from blossom - where all life starts. And that's probably why Gula Java and cold extracted honey are so good for you.

The jewel in the crown amongst unrefined sugars, that’s Gula Java Fin. I have replaced agave syrup in my homemade chocolate with Gula Java Fin. It is a superfood and extremely delicious. Gula Java Blocs are so tasty I cannot resist them. If I feel like something sweet I grab a Gula Java cube because I know it is good for me. They’re full of minerals and antioxidants and give me an energy boost. Hannah Steiner, nutritionist, Vienna, Austria
Coconut palm sugar fair world Gula Java Fin Amanprana
ORAC 2.200
Bovis: 8.500 Yin: -30 GI:35
Coconut palm sugar fair world Gula Java Brut from Amanprana
ORAC 2.200
Bovis: 9.000 Yin -30 GI:35

Gula Java Fin:

  • World's first unrefined powdered sugar
  • Many minerals, including
    chromium and Inositol

Gula Java Blocs:

  • Healthy energy snacks
  • Gentle caramel flavor
Amanprana = Fairworld Amanprana = BIO Amanprana=superfood 0% raw 0% gluten 0% LACTOSE Amanprana = 0% GMO 100% plantbased