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Amanprana stores its valuable ingredients in violet glass bottles
'If you can’t eat it,
don’t put it on your skin'
Bart Maes, founder of Amanprana
If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin. That's the Amanprana motto. Your skin not only protects, it also absorbs. Body care products are partially absorbed by your body, and Amanprana nourishes, protects, hydrates and purifies your skin and makes its way to every cell in your body. Plus, the fragrances are amazing.

Amanprana stores its valuable ingredients in violet glass bottles

Dana Van Oeteren, aromatherapist and the creator of Alana
Dana Van Oeteren

'My skin is very sensitive'

Dana van Oeteren, aromatherapist and the creator of Alana: 'I always had to hunt for proper body care products for my sensitive skin - cosmetics that didn't have misleading claims and that had the correct ingredients. I am convinced that the wrong body care products are at the root of many skin problems - often cosmetics containing chemicals that pollute, aggravate and seal off your skin. My own experiences and my interest in caring for and improving your skin are why I chose this profession. I believe that people are entitled to know what is good and what is bad, and I want to help them in that.'

At Amanprana health is the top priority

Our Amanprana cosmetics line contains only natural ingredients, with no unnecessary processes, nor isolates or chemical additives. The efficacy and fragrance of plants are determined by the whole. If we were to isolate the individual parts, we would lose the cohesion and healing qualities, a very common factor in the perfume and cosmetics industry. There are hundreds of all-natural substances in Amanprana products, all complementing, neutralizing, buffering and harmonizing each other.

Violet glass protects the valuable ingredients

Sunlight is made up of visible light (the 'rainbow' part of the spectrum) and invisible light (such as ultraviolet UV-A and infrared). When exposed to visible light essential oils lose their fragrance and healing qualities, while invisible light conserves and actually activates the oil molecules. This is where violet glass comes in, as it is permeable to invisible light but blocks all visible light.

Why do Amanprana body care products not contain any water?

You might think that cosmetics containing water would moisturise your skin, but that is incorrect. In fact it dries out your skin to a very deep level, while hard water blocks your pores and results in blackheads, whiteheads, infections and acne. There is just one reason why manufacturers include water in cosmetics - it is cheap and constitutes 80 to 99 percent of the product. Amanprana gives you 100 percent active ingredients devoted to your beauty.

Cruelty-free body care: Amanprana bears the 'Leaping Bunny' label

Ever since it was launched Amanprana has considered the humane treatment of animals (and humans!) as a high priority. Our devotion was recognized in 2013 when we were awarded the Leaping Bunny label, and all Amanprana's body care products may now carry the logo of the bunny. The label was created by a number of major animal rights organizations.

Rita Stiens' safe cosmetics test: 10 out of 10 for Amanprana


Rita Stiens is a well-known German journalist who focuses on cosmetics and her book The Truth about Cosmetics was a bestseller. The Rita Stiens test is based on scientific research. 'Prevention is better than cure' is the wise advice of Rita Stiens when discussing the frequently alarming revelations about the cosmetics industry. You can use the ingredients of a cosmetic product to consult her INCI databank and check both the quality and the safety of the cosmetics in your bathroom cabinet. Every ingredient in the Amanprana line of body care products has the highest possible INCI score, which means that every Amanprana body care product scores 10 out of 10.

Amanprana is NATRUE certified for organic cosmetics

NATRUE is an international non-profit association, and cosmetics and body care brands that may bear its label comply with the following: they use natural or organic materials, they employ only 'soft' manufacturing processes, and they have an environmental policy. They do not use any synthetic fragrances and colorants or petroleum derivatives (paraffin, PEG, any substances bearing the prefixes or suffixes 'propyl' or 'alkyl'), nor may they contain silicon or genetically-manipulated ingredients. The product may not be irradiated or tested on animals. Amanprana easily attained the highest of the three certification levels, which means that at least 95 percent of all the natural ingredients it uses are certified as coming from organic production or wild collection.

No toxic ingredients in Amanprana products, zero percent junk.

These days we've all heard about 'unwanted ingredients' in cosmetics and body care products, with the list of culprits endless. But that's not the case at Amanprana, where our products contain no toxic elements, including: ✔ no phthalates, ✔ no parabens, ✔ no sulphates, ✔ no PEGs, ✔ no silicones, ✔ no EDTAs, ✔ no synthetic colors and fragrances, ✔ no formaldehyde

Body care: 100% organic, 100% active, 100% natural, 100% ❤

Amanprana is NATRUE certified for organic cosmetics Amanprana cruelty free cosmetics Amanprana = Fairtrade Amanprana with 0% junk, no toxic ingredients Amanprana=superfood 90% raw 0% gluten 0% LACTOSE Amanprana = 0% GMO Amanprana is certified organic 100% plantbased