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The benefits of extra virgin oil  and the disadvantages of refined oil
Alfred Vogel: 'I am convinced that nature provides us with everything we need for protecting and maintaining our health.' Bart Maes: 'The closer it is to nature, and the less processed and refined our food is, the better it is for humans.' Processing or refining food is the main culprit when it comes to Western diseases.

In the classical Indian written language Sanskrit,  'aman' means serenity or tranquillity, while 'prana' refers to vitality, life energy, which brings us to 'serene vitality'. The elephant symbolises a dormant, non-aggressive force and embodies wisdom, tolerance and peace. It represents happiness. Elephants are herbivores, and do not eat meat or fish, nor do they kill. It's a wonderful philosophy for future generations.

The benefits of extra virgin oil and the disadvantages of refined oil

Organic and extra virgin oils Refined oils (deodorised oils)
+ contain healthy nutrients - rob you of healthy nutrients
+ feed your body - rob you of vitality
+ give your body life energy - cause disease through deficiencies
+ contain vitamin E, protect you against aging - deplete vitamin E
+ provide minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium - rob you of minerals and depletes energy
+ contain carotenoids, good for your skin and eyes - robs you of carotenoids, which harm your skin and eyes
+ do not contain solvents or chemical preservatives (E320) - contain harmful solvents that affect your body and mind
+ provide lecithin for improved communication between your cells - contain very little lecithin
+ contain plant-based sterols for a correct cholesterol level - very low in sterols
+ contain enzymes and aid digestion - deplete enzymes
+ provide polyphenols that protect you from heart disease - very low in polyphenols
+ provide chlorophyll, help your body to detox and improve oxygen carrying - very low in chlorophyll and hinder oxygen carrying

Amanprana is transparent

We accurately inform you of all ingredients as well as their exact percentage in a product. Amanprana believes that you are entitled to the correct information, so when you buy an Amanprana product such as Gula Java Matcha you know exactly how much matcha it contains. Amanprana does not take out patents on its inventions, and our knowledge and philosophy is freely available to everyone. We are frequently imitated, but fortunately never equalled. That's because our ingredients are always the best in terms of quality, flavor and nutritional value.

Bart Maes's four basic rules on oil

1. Healthy oils are just as important as fruit and vegetables

We have to completely get rid of the idea that oils are just tools for preparing food. We actually need more calories from healthy oils than from proteins.

2. The quality of the oil is more important than what type it is

Amanprana elephant, healthy food as medicine

Only use extra virgin (unheated, only mechanically pressed, with a naturally low acidity). Refined oils are more harmful than refined sugar. You can recognise refined oils because they taste neutral and the refining process has deodorised them.

3. Vary oils just like you vary
your fruit and vegetables

A carrot is not the same as lettuce, and eating only wholesome carrots is too one-sided. The same holds for oils. What we say is that you must vary your intake, and that includes varying your oils.

4. Some oils can be heated,
others can only be used cold

Oils with a high PUFA content (polyunsaturated fatty acids) must only be used for cold dishes. They are not stable and become very harmful when heated. Oils that are heated should contain as little PUFAs as possible.

NB: Margarine is often referred to as plastic butter. Never use it. It is a cheap imitation invented during World War II when butter was too expensive. The healthy substances in the oil are sold at a high price to the pharmaceutical industry, with the remainder deodorised, refined and bleached to serve as the basic ingredient for margarine.