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Two extra virgin olive oils
Hermanos Catalán olive oil honored. The organic Amanprana olive oil Hermanos Catalán was awarded gold at the BIOC 10 for best quality organic extra virgin olive oil and was selected as the ‘Best extra virgin olive oil in Spain’ in April 2011.

Two extra virgin olive oils

The Catalán brothers do all the growing, pressing and bottling themselves.

You can already see the quality in the brothers' olive trees, which are given twice as much space as normal - 36 m2 = 387 ft2 each. An extraordinarily mild and harmonious olive oil with flavor and terroir. We recommend it for cold dishes and refined cuisine. Origin: La Rioja, northern Spain. Manufacturer: Almazara ecológica de la Rioja. Made from 100 percent Arbequina olives.

Evidence of the quality of Verde Salud can be found on the bottle.

The olives come from a grove in a nature reserve in Andalucía (DOP Sierra Mágina) in the south of Spain, and the exceptional filtered quality of the oil means that it can be used for frying and roasting at up to 180 °C / 356 °F. Verde Salud, the fruity extra virgin olive oil with a sharp and healthy aftertaste. Manufacturer: Trujal de Mágina. Made from 100 percent Picual olives.

Live to 111 when you drink extra virgin olive oil?

Vegetarian Bernando Lapallo turned a lively 111 years young in 2012, having never been sick. His secret? Everything in moderation. He prefers fruit and vegetables and primarily eats organic produce. His five favorites are olive oil, garlic, honey, cinnamon and chocolate, and he walks every day and likes to read.

Hermanos Catalán is irresistibly delicious and we use it as an olive oil dip with an attractive variety of breads. It’s an excellent extra virgin olive oil. Verde Salud olive oil is delicious in stir-fries and when searing so that the flavor is retained in the food. Marcel van Marsbergen, ice-skating coach Haarlem, Netherlands
Extra virgin olive oil Hermanos Catalan with lots of chlorophyll Amanprana
Bovis:13.700 Yang +10 GI:0
Verde Salud vegetable spanish olive oil for baking dishes Amanprana
Bovis: 12.400 Yang +10 GI:0

Hermanos Catalán olive oil for cold dishes:

  • 2 gold medals for best extra virgin olive oil
  • Mild and harmonious with lots of chlorophyll

Verde Salud olive oil for hot dishes:

  • Can be used for temperatures up to 180 °C
  • Fruity with a sharp aftertaste
Amanprana with 0% junk, no toxic ingredients Amanprana = BIO Amanprana=superfood 100% raw 0% gluten 0% LACTOSE Amanprana = 0% GMO 100% plantbased