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Extra virgin walnut oil from Périgord
RECIPE Walnut pesto: Roast 100g = 3.5 ounces of pine nuts in a pan. Combine with 150g = 5.5 ounces  of walnuts, 3 sprigs of chopped parsley, leaves of three sprigs of thyme, 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar, 2 cloves of garlic. While mixing, add 3 dl  = 10 fl oz of Amanprana walnut oil in a thin stream until the mixture is smooth. Add a dash of Amanprana ORAC Botanico-mix and a pinch of fleur de sel. Delicious on toasted bread as a starter or as a salad or barbecue dressing.

Extra virgin walnut oil from Périgord

Gold medal winner at the 'Salon des huiles du monde 2005'

Franck Monsallier uses a melange of four varieties of walnuts from his orchards to create a delicate and pure Perigord flavor. The nuts are not preheated or roasted for Amanprana. Using an authentic granite millstone the nuts are crushed until they become a uniform mass, after which they are pressed in a press designed by Franck Monsallier himself. What emerges is an oil with a peroxide value of less than 2 mg and acidity of less than 0.5 percent, which are excellent figures. Delicious on bread, in salads, pasta, in a vinaigrette or anything else, and to finish off all your dishes.

The exceptional nutritional value of Amanprana walnut oil

Amanprana extra virgin walnut oil is a great source of coenzyme Q10, lecithin, plant-based sterols (B-citosterol, delta-5 avenasterol, campesterol and others), polyphenols (290 mg/100 g), vitamin E (23 mg/100 g) and vitamin K (15 µg/100 g). Rich in omega-3, 6 and 9.

Walnut oil is a delicious oil that is easy to use. I mix walnut oil with balsamic vinegar to make a tasty vinaigrette for salads. It’s also a delight on pasta together with Grana Padano. My favorite is a cheese board with a baguette sprinkled with Amanprana walnut oil. A dash of walnut oil reinforces the flavors and also stimulates digestion. Frank Monsallier, maker of extra virgin walnut oil, Bordas, Perigord, France
Extra virgin walnut oil for bread, pasta, salad, pesto, vinaigrette Amanprana
Bovis: 14.000 Yin -50 GI:0, Omega-3

Périgord extra virgin walnut oil:

  • Gold medal for best extra virgin oil
  • Traditional terroir product from Perigord
  • Excellent low peroxide value and acidity
  • Delicate and gentle nutty flavor (not roasted)
  • Great source of omega-3
Amanprana with 0% junk, no toxic ingredients Amanprana = BIO Amanprana=superfood 100% raw 0% gluten 0% LACTOSE Amanprana = 0% GMO 100% plantbased