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What you should know about good health
'Traditions only retain their value when you test them against the new reality,' said Dutch journalist Willem Oltmans. Traditions are contemporary interpretations of things that already existed at an earlier stage, and which change with every successive generation. Amanprana: the rehabilitation of ancient traditions with scientific substantiation.
Carlo Petrini, the founder of the Slow Food Movement, wrote: 'We must restore food to the center of our lives'. If we spent more time in the kitchen, if we bought our food more sensibly and if we knew where our food came from, both the body and the mind would surely be healthier.

What you should know about good health

ORAC and antioxidants

Antioxidants protect you against aging by attacking the aggressive free radicals. The quantity of antioxidants in food is expressed as an ORAC (oxygen radical absorbency capacity) value per 100 g = 3.53 us oz = 3.67 uk oz, with fresh vegetables, especially legumes, and fruits having a high ORAC value. Substances with the highest score are herbs and some essential oils. The less an ingredient is processed, the higher its ORAC value. It is generally believed that we must consume 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units a day in order to protect our bodies against free radicals.

Glycemic index

The degree to which carbohydrates (sugars) in foods increase your blood sugar levels is expressed as a GI value. Low GI food (less than 50) keeps your blood sugar level in balance, but high GI food (over 70) causes dramatic upward and downward fluctuations. Dates, white bread and parsnips all have an extremely high GI, giving you immediate energy but causing your sugar levels to dip soon after. In general we recommend that you consume low GI food.

Bovis and vitality

0 - 3.000 Bovis: induces illness 3.000 - 6.500 Bovis:rob your energy 6.500 - 9.000 Bovis:energizing 9.000 - 18.000 Bovis:therapeutic and energizing 18.000 Bovis

The vitality provided by a lettuce plucked fresh from the field is very different from that of an old and wilted one. But how can we measure that vitality? The French researcher André Bovis created a frequency scale that can be used to measure this energy. Healthy people have a value of 6,500 to 8,000 on the Bovis scale. When the Bovis value is lower than that, you become susceptible to diseases and your energy levels decline. As the renowned Dutchman Robert H. Steeloper said, 'Foods with a Bovis value below 7,000 rob the body of energy and are illness-inducing, while those above 7,500 are energizing and can be considered as healthful. Above 9,000 and the foods actually have a cleansing and curative effect.'

Yin&Yang and balance

0 -100 YIN +100 YANG drift Marc Elsen‘s polarisation therapy balance balance drift

Yin and yang are polar opposites yet complementary and dependent on each other. Indian and Chinese medicine teaches that a person is in balance when both these forces are approximately equally present. Women are more yin while men are more yang, and people who are out of balance either have too much yin or too much yang. When yin dominates you must concentrate on yang, and vice-versa. As Marc Elsen says in his polarity therapy, 'Being unhealthy can be considered as a set of scales that is off-balance. The yin polarity on the one side must weigh as much as the yang polarity on the other side.'

These days people spend so much money on computers, smart phones, holidays and cars, while they want to spend less and less on food. That’s a great pity, as we only have one body, which we must look after as well as possible. After all, you are what you eat. In my view Amanprana is the equivalent of the best quality products. The small premium you pay for them is more than worthwhile for the Amanprana products. Geert Verhelst, Author of 'Groot Handboek Geneeskrachtige Planten' (Large Handbook of Medicinal Plants), 'Suiker en zoetstoffen' (Sugar and Sweeteners) and 'Bachbloesemtherapie' (Bach’s Flower Therapy)
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  • Many antioxidants (high ORAC)
  • Long-lasting energy (low GI)
  • Energizing (high Bovis value)
  • Yin and Yang in balance
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