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ORAC Botanico mix with sumac: the first tasty super herb mix that considers your health, for a radiant look
for a radiant look 
The fluid contained in the human body that is not in the cells (extracellular fluid) contains the same minerals as those found in the sea. The oceans are, as we know, where all life on earth started off. Seaweeds accumulate minerals, making them easily absorbable by humans. That's why Amanprana enriched the ORAC Botanico mix with four types of seaweed.
Chantal Voets created the ORAC botanic mix with a great deal of love. ORAC Botanico mix adds finesse to all your dishes and gives you health and life energy. It has a gentle, well-rounded and harmonious flavor with a frequency pattern that instils renewed vigor in you. The power of the Botanico mix can be found in its deacidifying properties and electric conduction for communication between your cells.

ORAC Botanico mix with sumac: the first tasty super herb mix that considers your health, for a radiant look

Chantal Voets, chef and co-founder of Amanprana

Easy: ORAC herb mix with Khoisan fleur de sel, seaweed and sumac

'This super mix of nine herbs containing the greatest antioxidant values, four mineral-rich seaweeds, revitalising sea salt - Khoisan fleur de sel - and the powerful sumac berry gives you a taste bomb with reduced salt content,' says Chantal Voets, chef and co-founder of Amanprana. 'Season all your dishes in an instant, and without a thought you will have the perfect tasting meal.' You'll get so much more taste, aroma and health than you do with the standard salt-and-pepper combination. Available in mild and hot (chilli) varieties, grind or crush the ORAC Botanico mix for even more flavor and aroma. Add the mix to soups, sauces, vinaigrettes, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, fruit salads and desserts to deliciously enrich them. Or use the ORAC Botanico mix as a bouillon or for a mother sauce. Large helpings of natural antioxidants, 80 minerals, trace elements and 1,000 micronutrients - along with a deacidifying and cleansing effect for a healthy body and a radiant look.

Sumac: healthy on the inside, beautiful on the outside

Nutritional deficiencies, acid and oxidants all contribute to the aging process. Thanks to the ORAC Botanico mix, you now have a natural remedy against aging while you'll also look radiant. For when you nourish body and spirit alike, beautiful skin is the visible result. And your body will also be able to better defend itself against outside influences. ORAC Botanico mix contains the nine herbs with the greatest ORAC value, plus the Turkish sumac berry, which has the highest ORAC value of all fruits (ORAC 312,000, almost 100 times more than goji berries). The ORAC value is the amount of antioxidants contained in foodstuffs, which combat the aging process your body and skin undergoes. When you use the ORAC Botanico mix both you and your skin are well-protected.

A natural boost of 80 minerals

Your body, spirit and skin require at least 31 minerals and trace elements (minerals that we need in smaller quantities). Not only do our bodies not produce these minerals, but they cannot be replaced by medicines, while the food we eat today contains far fewer minerals and trace elements than it once did, thanks to intensive agriculture and aquaculture. Cultivated vegetables easily contain less than half the amount of minerals as those that grow wild. Lettuce, tomatoes, spinach and cabbage all contain 70 percent fewer minerals today than they did in 1948, while canned beans contain 25 percent fewer minerals on average than fresh beans, and so on. Herbs and seaweeds are the richest source of minerals. Minerals are the facilitators of the enzymatic processes in our bodies, providing structural elements, connective tissue, bones, nails and teeth, and they help our billions of cells to communicate with each other. The ORAC Botanico mix will give you all the minerals you need.

It's no ordinary sea salt, it's Khoisan fleur de sel

Khoisan fleur de sel is a unique coarse sea salt found on the west coast of South Africa, where the grandeur of the South African flora meets the oxygen-rich and powerful South Atlantic Ocean. It is sea salt in its purest form, naturally filtered. The Atlantic sea salt slowly makes its way underground through a 2000m / 6561ft thick barrier of limestone, quartz, and clay and shell beds into a salt lake where it gains vitality, solar energy and regenerative powers. Measuring between 16,600 and 24,700 on the Bovis scale, it is significantly higher than Himalayan salt. It is harvested by hand and dried and vitalized in the sun.

Seaweed, herbs and sea salt are a rich source of minerals that can be absorbed naturally and easily. In balance and in the correct proportions, just as we need them. Paul Bergner, professor of clinical nutrition and herbal medicine. Author of the book Healing Minerals.
ORAC Botanico healthy spices: goji berries, sea salt, minerals Amanprana
ORAC 104.600
Bovis: 14.000 Yang +20 GI:10
ORAC botanico chilli herbs: sea salt and goji berries for healthy dish Amanprana
ORAC 118.900
Bovis: 14.500 Yang +10 GI:10

ORAC Botanico mix:

  • With Khoisan fleur de sel
  • Antioxidant mix
  • Mineral booster
  • For a radiant look
  • With Sumac ORAC-booster
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