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Gula Java Matcha: focus, inner peace,  energy and plenty of antioxidants
Gula Java Matcha contains 20 percent Kotobuki Matcha. Kotobuki Matcha scored 9 out of 10 on the matcha taste scale, meaning that it has a gentle flavor without the bitter aftertaste. Kotobuki Matcha contains more chlorophyll than standard matcha, which is why it is a brighter green. Amanprana's Kotobuki Matcha has the highest ORAC value of any matchas.

Gula Java Matcha: focus, inner peace, energy and plenty of antioxidants

Stimulate your concentration levels.

Be sharper when exercising, working or on the road, and improve your focus when studying or performing any other activities. Become less distracted and increase your concentration levels for better results. The natural combination of L-theanine protein and caffeine in Gula Java Matcha makes you sharper, more focussed and improves concentration.

While also enjoying greater inner peace.

Matcha has been used as a ceremonial tea in Japan for centuries, and Zen Buddhists drink matcha to meditate and achieve self-awareness and inner peace. Matcha is Zen.

Gula Java Matcha gets you bubbling with energy.

Gula Java is concentrated coconut blossom nectar that slowly releases energy, while matcha is the ground tea leaf of Camellia sinensis. When you drink Gula Java Matcha you are drinking the whole leaf. Amanprana Matcha is slowly ground using a granite millstone (just 40 g/1.41 oz an hour) and we only use young and whole green tea leaves. That is 'Kotobuki' quality, which means 'long life' in Japanese.

Your daily dose of antioxidants in a cup.

The active antioxidants in Gula Java Matcha are a natural and unique combination of four catechins, tannins, chlorophyll and a host of minerals and proteins. They boost your immunity and consequently your health. In fact, the antioxidative power of Gula Java Matcha is many times greater than vitamin C or E.

Matcha for children and students.

Annick Walgraeve, physiotherapist at Carpe Diem: 'My eight-year-old son, Arno, is a mischievous kid. He was very restless, could not sit still and was unable to concentrate at school. As a mother and physiotherapist I tried to cut down on his refined sugars and improve his nutritional intake. On my quest I discovered Gula Java Matcha, and I immediately noticed that his energy was more channelled and that his focus had improved. He also concentrates better at school and works faster, getting more work done and with an improved focus on tasks. We've also noticed that he is calmer when at home, and I no longer have that feeling of, "Aha, there's our little ADHD-sufferer". He's just as ingenious as before, but he knows to hold himself back and has achieved a sense of balance. I'm simply glad that Gula Java Matcha has taken us a step closer to completing the picture.'
I drink Amanprana's Matcha every day Kim Clijsters, former World No 1 Tennis Champion
Sports drinks Matcha: green tea, concentration, energy Amanprana
ORAC 35.460
Bovis: 10.500 Yin -20 GI:30

Gula Java Matcha, performance drink:

  • Focus + energy
  • Inner peace and Zen
  • Rich in chlorophylls for detoxing
  • Kotobuki Matcha quality
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