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Okinawa Omega is packed with  essential fatty acids, vitamin E and carotenes
Okinawa is a southern Japanese archipelago with a population of 1.2 million and with the world's highest proportion of active and happy centenarians. US and Japanese scientists have studied some 600 of these centenarians over a period of 25 years. The book based on this study, The Okinawa Program, revealed that the 100-year-old Okinawans were lean and agile with strong bones. They had supple and un-aged arteries, low cholesterol and homocysteine levels and were in good overall condition. Their minds were sharp and they suffered little from memory loss, while they had a healthy libido and the female members had successfully negotiated menopause. They looked youthful and were energetic and bright-eyed.

Okinawa Omega is packed with essential fatty acids, vitamin E and carotenes

Omega-3, 6, 7, and 9 are essential to our health

Health-conscious people devote much attention to fruit and vegetables, but often overlook the fact that there are two essential fatty acids that are crucial to a healthy body - alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) of the omega-3 family and linoleic acid (LA) of the omega-6 family, neither of which your body can produce itself and which must be obtained from food. If your body does not get omegas it cannot be healthy. ALA and LA and omegas in general perform many vital processes.

Lots of natural carotenes and vitamin E

Omega-3 and 6 are highly sensitive oils pressed by Amanprana with great respect. The result is very little peroxidation. Amanprana moreover contains a great deal of natural carotenes and vitamin E, antioxidants and vitamins that protect the oil from oxidation as a result of light, oxygen and heat, both in the bottle and in our bodies. Amanprana is the only company in the world to combine eight types of vitamin E and carotenes with essential fatty acids (ALA and LA), and the inhabitants of Okinawa know why.

I'll live to 126

Research published in May 2013 by National Geographic indicates that people who live to be over 100, as many Okinawans do, remain physically active and healthy until the age of 91. People who reach the age of 80 only remain physically active and healthy until the age of 61. In other words, the older you get the shorter the period in which one can be inactive and suffer from ailments. By eating healthy, living sensibly, and with a bit of luck and the assistance of our genes, there is a realistic chance we might be blowing out 100 candles and only suffer from a short period of inactivity and disease (9 years instead of 19). At Amanprana we believe that is more than enough reason to learn from the habits of Okinawans. Okinawa Omega oils are the result of our research and are likely confirmation of the National Geographic findings (New England Centenarian Study, Boston University), hopefully bringing us a step closer to our dream of aging actively, healthily and happily for as long as possible!

Omegas to recharge the batteries of every one of your cells

We are made of billions of cells, and the vitality of every one of those cells is largely dependent on the quality of the cell walls (membranes) and the protection they offer. Cell walls are primarily made of fat, and sufficient quantities of omega-3 and 6 make them flexible and permeable so that they can absorb nutrients. They also ensure that the batteries of our cells can be recharged, and are responsible for conductivity and generating electric impulses. If you are omega-3 and 6 deficient you feel physically and mentally tired.

Johanna Budwig discusses recharging our batteries

'The bipolarity between fat (the cell casing) and protein (the cell nucleus) is fundamentally important to conserving all living cells and to their structure. This bipolarity is largely dependent on the presence of sufficient omega-3 and 6. A lack of omega-3 and 6 cripples vital cell functions. If the bipolarity between the nucleus and the membrane is destroyed by, for example, an omega-3 and 6 deficiency or by consuming partially or fully hardened fats (trans fats), this means there is no longer an electrical charge. In other words, the cell's battery will be drained.'

I tried three different brands, and Okinawa Omega Happy Delight is both better and nicer than the others. It does not have a bitter aftertaste. Amanprana is mild and simply delicious. Barbara Simonsohn, Reiki teacher and author Hamburg, Germany
Okinawa Omega 3-6-9 Happy Delight for kids: lots of vitamine E against fatigue
ORAC 3.040
Bovis:14.300 Yin -40 GI:0
Okinawa Omega 9 Happy Perilla Special evening primrose oil with much antioxidants Amanprana
ORAC 17.740
Bovis:15.000 Yin -50 GI:0

Okinawa Omega Happy Delight:

  • Delicious citrus flavor that makes you feel happy
  • Lots of LA and ALA essential fatty acids
  • Perfect for kids, and they'll love it!

Okinawa Omega Happy Perilla Special:

  • Flagship product with 8 specific oils
  • With evening primrose oil (gamma-linolenic acid)


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