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Amanprana introduces the very first sustainable and ethical red palm oil
In their book Vanishing Beauty, published originally in Italian as L'arte Del Corpo, Bertie and Dos Winkel photographed individuals as fully integrated in their environments. An individual who cannot exist outside of his or her own kind. Isolated tribes are under threat from Western influences, just as biodiversity is under threat from monocultures. Respect for local rituals and in order to make the West more aware that it must not impose its suffocating uniformity upon cultural diversity - those are the reasons why Amanprana has used one of the photographs from this magnificent book. We want to highlight this challenge of retaining and respecting this biodiversity between people, cultures and races. And biodiversity is a great challenge indeed, as evidenced by the fact that over 600 species of palm are threatened with extinction by monocultures and palm oil production.

Amanprana introduces the very first sustainable and ethical red palm oil

Save rainforest and support human rights in Colombia with Amanprana

Save Colombia's rainforest and biodiversity

Through the World Land Trust, Amanprana supports the Colombian environmental organisation ProAves, which is working to protect the habitats of birds (such as the Yellow-eared parrot) and amphibians that are threatened with extinction. Its objective is to conserve Colombia's natural riches and biodiversity by stopping indiscriminate logging and deforestation. www.proaves.org

Buy one litre of Red Palm and save one rainforest tree

With Sir David Attenborough as its patron, the World Land Trust (WLT) devotes itself to protecting the 10 million plant and animal species of the rainforest. One tree is saved for each liter = 33 us fl oz = 34,35 uk fl oz of Amanprana Red Palm that is sold. Thanks to Amanprana and its fans, ProAves has already been able to purchase 39 ha = 96 acres of Colombian rainforest (the equivalent of around 80 football fields). www.worldlandtrust.org

Support human rights in Colombia

Amanprana's Red Palm oil is sourced from small-scale Colombian palm farming families in the Magdalena and Bolivar regions. Thanks in part to a request by Amanprana, they were awarded organic certificates. The small-scale 'Alliances for Peace' are a model for the economic advancement of impoverished communities.

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand

The Alliances receive a contribution for organic produce, education, health and sustainability. The palm fruit is delivered from the small-scale alliances to Daboon, which presses them according to best practices. In brief, everyone is happy - you, the farmers and Amanprana.

Healthy and delicious fry-ups with red palm oil

Red palm oil, just like carrots, contains beta-carotenes. In fact, Red Palm contains 10 times the carotenes that carrots do. Red palm oil, just like tomatoes, contains lycopene-type carotenes. In fact, Red Palm contains thirty times the carotenes that tomatoes do. Red Palm is also rich in vitamin E (seven types). Red palm oil is the best source of tocotrienols, a specific type of vitamin E that prevents sun-related aging of your eyes and skin up to 30 times better than other types of vitamin E. Vitamin E and carotenes are natural antioxidants that help your body, mind and skin to combat aging.

Mmmmm! The quintessential African and Latin American flavor

Red palm oil brings the quintessential African and Latin American flavor and beautiful golden hues to your dishes - moambe, rice, stewed onions, potatoes and fried eggs, sunny side up. Tip: red palm oil with spinach is a superfood for your eyes. It's 100 percent natural, 100 percent organic, 100 percent traceable, healthy and delicious. Available in 325 ml / 10.99 us fl oz / 11.44 uk fl oz and 1,600 ml / 54.10 us fl oz / 56.31 uk fl oz jars.

Is red palm oil healthy or unhealthy? Sustainable or unsustainable?

Amanprana and many others believe that white palm oil in both organic and non-organic products is unhealthy. The wholesome aspects, such as the many carotenes and various types of vitamin E, are refined out of it. Palm oil is naturally orange-red. In our view, 95 percent of all palm oil used in organic and non-organic food is not sustainable, while we also believe that the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) label does not go far enough.

I have been using Red Palm for years to benefit my health. The idea that I’m also saving rainforest biodiversity always makes me happy. It brings to mind those wise words of Gandhi: 'Be the change you wish to see.' Yoga teacher Annika Bengtzon, Stavanger, Norway
Palm oil? Sustainable red palm oil with vitamin E
Bovis: 11.500 Yang +55 GI:0

Sustainable and healthy Red Palm:

  • Rich in carotenes and 7 types of vitamin E
  • Buy 1 litre and save 1 rainforest tree
  • Healthy baking, frying and stir-frying
  • Your skin tans faster and is better protected
Amanprana with 0% junk, no toxic ingredients Amanprana = BIO Amanprana=superfood 0% raw 0% gluten 0% LACTOSE Amanprana = 0% GMO 100% plantbased