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Support the oceans and buy this Amanprana ‘Eco Respekt’ bottle
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Does our fast-paced consumer society ever stop to consider the fact that the environment, the air, seas, fish, marine birds and animals are being poisoned by plastic at an ever-increasing rate? And that the result is that our food is being poisoned and so are we, as is the generation of tomorrow? Fifty billion disposable plastic bottles in Europe - over 100 plastic bottles per person per year. Meanwhile plastic creates five times as much greenhouse gasses as glass bottles.

Support the oceans and buy this Amanprana ‘Eco Respekt’ bottle

 Amanprana main sponsor of the North Sea Challenge

All proceeds go to 'Save the Sea'

Plastic is chemical, contains plasticisers, monomers and is not biodegradable. It smells, contaminates the contents (especially in warm weather or if it is used with  a warm drink) and contributes to the invisible mountain of waste. Fifty percent of a plastic bottle can be recycled - you might think that's good, but it isn't. A recycled plastic bottle can never be turned into another bottle. Every time it is recycled the plastic degrades and it is finally dumped or incinerated. Half the recycled plastic bottles are incinerated, polluting the air we breathe. Plastic is also not suitable for food. Whatever you might hear, when you drink from a plastic container small particles of plastic enter your body. Moreover, a plastic bottle can never be properly cleaned (a risk of mold and microbes).
Starting in October 2011, Amanprana has been devoting 5% of its profits to campaigns related to 'Save the Sea'. The company is the principal sponsor of the World Oceans Day and the North Sea Challenge, a sports-oriented event that highlights the necessity for a clean coast and sea for our children. The North Sea was once one of the richest and clearest fishing areas in the world, but is now an industrial mud pool and the seabed is a barren desert.

A better world starts with you. Glass is clean, reusable, hygienic, fully recyclable, odorless and does not cause environmental damage. Glass is inert, which means it does not seep into your drink. That’s why I use this ‘Eco Respekt’ bottle – thick glass, shock-absorbent and insulating bottle holder made of recycled material, no toxic metals. Dos Winkel, environmental activist, Schoten, Belgium
Eco Respekt Bottle water bottle recycling Amanprana

Eco Respekt glass bottle

  • Safe when cycling, at school, in the car,
    at work, at the gym, when walking, etc.
  • All proceeds go to 'Save the Sea'
  • Suitable for cold and hot drinks


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