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Amanprana’s Qi-board is naturally antimicrobial
More 'Qi'. Wood is symbolic of spring, rising energy and fresh spring growth. The positive rising energy/ions of the Qi-board are absorbed by the food and by the person preparing it. Both are infused, as it were, with greater energy. The Bovis value of the Amanprana Qi-board is no less than 17,000! Robert H. Steelooper compared the Qi-board to a plastic and a glass cutting board, and the conclusions were abundantly clear, with the plastic board (Bovis value: 0) robbing energy and transferring negative ions to the food while the glass board (Bovis value: 6,500) is neutral. Amanprana's board (Bovis value: 17,000) reinforces the energy and your connection with the food.

Amanprana’s Qi-board is naturally antimicrobial

A handmade cutting board crafted from a single block of wood, with no glue used

Camphor wood contains natural antimicrobial essential oils. You'll smell them immediately, and they mean that this wood is perfect for the extraordinarily hygienic Qi-board cutting board. Thanks to our HACCP certification it can also be used in professional kitchens. It's a perfect base for a bread and cheese platter, or can be used for cutting or as a serving tray. The Qi-board makes a loving gift. Our Qi-boards are handmade by craftsman, and each board has its own form and unique grain. Don't worry, it's not rain forest wood, and the exotic camphor tree is being thinned out on the eastern coast of Australia to make way for native eucalyptus trees. Camphor wood has a great many natural qualities. It is soft and does not blunt knives, but is also sufficiently hard and sturdy to withstand over 10 years of use. The Qi-board is crafted from a single block, so there's no glue, chemical substances or plastic that will taint your food. And it's easy to clean - just wash, dry off and leave upright and freestanding. Do not place in the dishwasher or microwave, don't heat up or leave to soak.

min.400cm² ca.16x25cm
min.600cm² ca.20x30cm
min.800cm² ca.23x35cm
min.500cm² ca.20x25cm
min.750cm² ca.23x33cm
min.850cm² ca.25x34cm
min.1.000cm² ca.26x39cm
min.1.250cm² ca.29x43cm

Looking after your Qi-board

Rub with Amanprana's Qi-board antiseptic Protekti oil one to four times a year to ensure the antimicrobial properties, natural beauty and lovely patina are kept.

University study confirms how hygienic the Qi-board is

Qi-board antiseptic oil: maintenance wood cutting board

Scientific research has proved that camphor cutting boards are the most hygienic, and are three to five times less susceptible to bacteria and fungi - the smaller the factor, the better the hygiene (see table). The camphor wood Qi-board has an excellent Bovis value of 17,000 and adds energy to and makes you connect with your food (yuj). If it's prepared with love it always tastes better!

The lower the growth factor, the more hygienic

Growth factor
Camphor wood
cutting board
cutting board
cutting board
Fungi 3,3 8,0 9,7 5,7
Bacteria 0,7 1,7 7,3 8,0
Research conducted by Alan Waterson, Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia
I’ve always preferred using wooden cutting boards and think they are more attractive, but I did have my doubts about the hygiene until I read a Danish study that said that 99 percent of the bacteria was dead within two hours. It also stated that bacteria that end up in the wood grooves are dying, which is apparently not the case for plastic. I now use my beautiful Qi-board with firm conviction. Hillevi Andersen, owner of a fresh juice bar, Hillerød, Denmark
Qi-board wood cutting board, serving tray, chopping board, cheese board Amanprana
Bovis:17.000 Yang +30

Amanprana Qi-board cutting board:

  • 3 to 5 times more hygienic than plastic or glass
  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Also for professional use (HACCP certified)
  • Handmade from a single block, no glue used