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Monsanto buys World Food Prize

Monsanto and Syngenta buy world food prize  Every year on World Food Day, the World Food Prize is presented to organisations that make important contributions to nutritious and sustainable food. On 16 October 2013, the World Food Prize was awarded to senior managers at Monsanto and Syngenta, the largest gene technology companies in the world.

However, the practices of Monsanto and Syngenta have nothing to do with sustainable agriculture. The high-tech solutions are only available to large land owners. The patents on seeds bring an increasing share of food production into the hands of a few large companies. Genetic manipulation of crops goes hand in hand with the use of large volumes of herbicides and pesticides and safety is controversial. GMO agriculture does not replenish the soil; it exhausts it and relies strongly on artificial fertilizer and pesticides. Weeds and insects develop resistance to the toxic herbicides and pesticides. It is a type of agriculture that is responsible for major damage to the environment and the climate and that has led to land-grabs at enormous scales in developing countries.

Awarding the prize to Monsanto is also somewhat incestuous. In 2008, Monsanto gave $5 million to the World Food Prize Foundation. The prize is therefore co-funded by Monsanto. The foundation has deservedly been criticised by many people. A quarter of a million people signed a protest in a very short period of time. "The prize has all the appearance of being a PR stunt for the industry. They apparently need the support to rescue the failed gene technology," according to Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development (Aseed) Europe, an international activist, counter-globalization campaign organization.

P.S.: Scientific proof has recently been presented to show that the European non-GMO agriculture has greater returns than US-based GMO agriculture.

Amanprana signed the petition of SumOfUS No. 307398 of 17.10.2013 to not to give the World Food Prize 2013 to Monsanto or Syngenta.

>> Sign the petition against this award.

Comments from Amanprana: Monsanto is one of the companies that would benefit people and the environment more if it didn't exist. Only organic agriculture and eating less meat and fish will enable us to feed the world. Monsanto is making the world sick and farmers poor.

the practices of Monsanto and Syngenta have nothing to do with sustainable agriculture