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Mamilla for treating Raynaud’s disease (vasospasms) ain your nipples while breastfeeding

Healthy nipples after Raynaud’s disease or vasospasms

Raynaud's disease, also known as vasospasms, generally occurs in your fingers and/or toes. Your digits will suddenly discolour when exposed to the cold or when you experience emotional stress. At first they will go white, which is caused by the blood vessels contracting and stopping the blood supply to the skin. A painful and tingling sensation often accompanies it.

Once the blood can flow again, the fingers and toes go purple and then red, which feels as if they are burning.

Vasospasms or Raynaud's disease in nipples when breastfeeding

If your nipples turn white this could be due to a reduced or interrupted blood supply. Both that interruption and the renewed circulation of blood is often unbearably painful for breastfeeding mothers. When breastfeeding, the phenomenon is called vasospasms or Raynaud's disease. You tell that you have a vasospasm because your nipple will whiten, then turn blue and then red once the blood vessels circulate.

  • Breastfeed with love
  • Safe for mother and child
  • For painful nipples
  • Prevent and treat nipple fissures
  • Prevent and treat thrush
  • Comes in a glass jar, UV-protected
  • For breast infections
  • Active ingredients
  • 100% natural, vegetal and 100% organic – no poisonous substances
  • Created with expertise and love
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Vasospasms can affect your nipples, so use Mamilla when breastfeeding Prevent Raynaud’s disease when breastfeeding by using Amanprana Mamilla