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Oral & Auris versus ear infections and tinnitus, earache, running ear or glue ear in a 100% natural manner

Stop ear infections or tinnitus with Oral & Auris

You could suffer an ear infection because of the growth of bacteria and viruses in the middle ear. Moisture (pus) accumulates and gets stuck in your ear. This might go unnoticed but it generally creates pressure in your ears that can be very painful. The infection can result in much pain and a high fever. Symptoms of an ear infection include earache, temporary deafness, tinnitus, itchiness, nausea, fever and pus leakages – it’s no joking matter.

The symptoms of ear infections can disappear quickly, but pain and fever can last a long time

Oral & Auris protects you against viruses and bacteriaEar infections can disappear within two to three days. Given that our bodies are able to beat most ear infections, a course of antibiotics are often unnecessary. Moreover, antibiotics prevent the body from building up natural resistance and can cause side effects. Of course it is important that one keeps a close watch on an ear infection – if the symptoms worsen progressively, you must see a doctor.

Running ear is caused by a middle ear infection because of bacterial and viral growth

Excessive pressure in the middle ear can cause your eardrum to rupture, which means the pressure and pain will largely decrease and the pus that had accumulated in the middle ear can escape through the torn eardrum. This is called a running ear. In general the running will stop after about ten days and the tear will close up after a few weeks.

Glue ear is caused by pus behind the eardrum

Glue ear happens when pus from an infection is dammed behind the eardrum while the infection is cured. It mostly passes, but can be very painful.

Oral & Auris
Oral & Auris
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