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Got toothache? There could be many causes, such as gum disease (gingivitis), plaque, teeth grinding and acid erosion.

Prevent toothache and dental plaque with Oral & Auris

‘Don’t let toothache ruin your life.’ It’s not necessary. Of course proper oral hygiene is important – brush properly, eat properly, use mouth oil, floss, use toothpicks, regular check-ups by your dentist: it stops toothache.

What could cause toothache, gingivitis or dental plaque?

Toothache, gingivitis or dental plaque could be caused by a variety of issues, but the underlying problem is actually always bacteria. By tackling toothache you can ultimately prevent and cure it.

Gum disease (gingivitis): caused by plaque, redness or swelling

This causes your gums to become sensitive, red and/or to bleed, and can even cause a root infection, which is extremely painful. The deeper the bacteria is able to penetrate the gum, the more painful the disease could be.

Dental plaque: living bacteria that corrode your teeth

Plaque occurs in areas that are difficult to reach with your toothbrush. Amanprana mouth oils are perfect for total oral hygiene, as the oil can reach all spots in your mouth.

Acid erosion: caused by acids penetrating your teeth

Acids in your mouth can attack the enamel on your teeth, making them more sensitive and sometimes resulting in infections. When the enamel has been completely removed, tooth decay can set in.

Braces: can cause toothache and cuts in your mouth

Braces can cause toothache. Oral & Auris alleviates that painWhenever your braces are adjusted or tightened, a great deal of pressure is placed on your teeth, which can cause temporary toothache. Braces can also cut the inside of your jaw – the areas around your teeth or your gums – which could become infected and painful.

Dental plaque: bacteria that attach themselves to your teeth

Dental plaque is largely made up of dissolved food, mucus and bacteria, which attach themselves to your teeth and form colonies that become mineralised. These bacteria can lead to tooth infections or decay.

Grinding your teeth: can damage the enamel or wear them down

In extreme cases of teeth grinding, pieces of enamel or dentine could even break off, resulting in very painful toothache.

Tooth decay (dental caries): a cavity in the enamel where bacteria can get to work

The bacteria eats its way into your tooth and the closer it gets to your nerve the more painful it gets. ‘If there is pain, then the decay and/or gum disease has already been present for a while,’ says Dafalgan.

Enamel damage: abrasions can scrape the enamel off your teeth

This can be caused by brushing too hard or using a toothbrush that is too hard. Abrasive toothpastes (whiteners) can also damage your enamel.

Infected tooth nerve: can cause extreme pain

An infected tooth nerve, located deep inside the tooth in the dental pulp can cause extreme pain. If the pulp itself becomes infected, that means that bacteria have reached the root canal and tooth nerve, giving rise to great pain.

Removing dental plaque: can cause irritation or pain

Once plaque is removed from your teeth they can be more sensitive and more susceptible to pain. Small cuts can also be caused, which can become infected.

Oral & Auris
Oral & Auris
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