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Shaving your pubic hair, shaving legs, shaving armpits Why a shaving oil for women?

Rasoli; a having oil, only containing essential oils, without any harmful substances, 100% organic, 100% natural. And... it provides an extremely smooth result.

Julia Kang, author

Shaving your pubic hair, shaving legs, shaving armpits            Why a shaving oil for women?

100ml: € 36,95 - € 42,95

Women often suffer skin irritations, itchiness, redness, razor bumps and rashes after shaving. Shaving your pubic hair, legs and armpits is now child’s play.

Shaving legsEveryday women spend just as much time shaving as men. They want smoothly shaved legs and armpits, not forgetting the current fashion trend of keeping your intimate parts well-cared for and styled. And of course it must be done in the most efficient and simplest way.  The success of our Razoli shaving oil, making shaving easier and irritation-free, meant we could not resist pampering women too. That’s because women also often suffer from irritated skin, itchiness and rashes after shaving, and it can be frustrating when it happens after every shave.

Razoli shaving oil for women packaging. For shaving your pubic hair, legs and armpits

Razors, shaving soap, strip waxing, strip-less waxing and chemical bodycare products can irritate after shaving

Razor bumps and a rash on freshly-shaved legsWomen often use a blunt razor or the wrong product! These products might be easy to use, but they’re full of chemical junk or other additives, such as perfumes and preservatives, which can cause allergic reactions or block your pores so that your skin can no longer breathe healthily and naturally.

A shaving oil for women must contain special ingredients that are specifically for the feminine skin.  Razoli shaving oil means smoother and healthier shaving for women

Razoli  shaving oil only contains ingredients that care for sensitive skin, soften it and protect it from outside influences. It also has antibacterial properties that can prevent and cure skin infections. Our shaving oil stimulates blood circulation, which means your metabolism will work well and waste products will be properly discharged. An improved circulation also decreases or prevents fluid retention in your legs and can relax tense muscles, among other benefits.

Certain ingredients help to remove dead skin cells and create new ones.  This means that Razoli shaving oil is perfect for dry skin and will give you silky soft and shining legs after shaving.  The oil is also perfect for skincare on the go for keeping your shaved skin beautifully supple and preventing it from drying out.

Now women can also use Razoli oil for an easy and super smooth shave without the unpleasant irritations or itchiness. The result is much smoother and healthier, keeping your skin supple and giving it the protection it needs.

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Razoli shaving oil means smoother and healthier shaving for women Razoli shaving oil means smoother and healthier shaving