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Shaving oil ingredients. Razoli is 100% natural, 100% active and 100% organic shaving oil. Shaving your legs, armpits and pubic hair with natural softness. For a radiant bikini line, armpits and legs.

Rasoli; a having oil, only containing essential oils, without any harmful substances, 100% organic, 100% natural. And... it provides an extremely smooth result.

Julia Kang, author

4 vegetable oils bolstered by 5 plant extracts for a non-itch, non-irritated shave. Shaving with shaving oil: your bikini line, your legs, armpits and groin will thank you.

Unlike a mineral oil, natural vegetable oils do not block your pores, so you won’t get ingrown hairs after shaving. This pure shaving oil is 100% natural, 100% organic and 100% active, keeping the skin soft and supple and also repairing it, nourishing and protecting it through its valuable and beneficial ingredients.  Even if you suffer from skin disorders such as acne, eczema or other skin infections, Razoli shaving oil can effectively care for and protect your skin, helping it to regain its health.

The 4 vegetable oils in Razoli for women. So that shaving your legs, armpits and pubic hair is itch and irritation-free. Almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil and red palm oil.

Extra virgin and organic almond oil for a soft kin when shaving:

Almonds, for a soft shavealmond oil contains a large amount of vitamin E, which helps to combat the premature aging of your skin. It softens the skin and makes it supple both during and after shaving. The oil also regulates the moisture content of the epidermis, ensuring that moisture levels are maintained. Almond oil restores dry skin and lessens irritations and itchiness.

Extra virgin and organic olive oil and your bikini line:

Olives, for extra moisture absorption by your skinolive oil has moisture-absorbing properties and retains the moisture so that it hydrates your skin when shaving. This means that your moisture levels are retained after shaving. Olive oil contains vitamin E, carotenes, minerals and is packed with antioxidants, slowing the aging process of cells when shaving. Extra virgin olive oil also contains a great deal of chlorophyll that absorbs and removes perspiration odours. That’s great when you're shaving your armpits.

Extra virgin and organic coconut oil together with your skin are a great team:

Coconut, for coconut oil that cares for and protects the skincoconut oil cares for, softens and protects your skin. Coconut oil and your team are a great team. Coconut oil naturally contains SPF 4 that protects you from UVA and UVB rays, making it excellent for your skin. At least 70% of coconut oil is made up of antimicrobial fatty acids, such as lauric acid, decanoic acid, caprylic acid, hexanoic acid and myristic acid, making it perfect for protecting your skin when shaving.  This decreases the chance of developing skin irritations, minor infections, redness, etc. The sebum that the skin naturally makes consists primarily of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), which are also found in abundance in coconut oil. Coconut oil is also mildly acidic and the perfect lubricant – exactly what your skin needs during and after shaving.

Extra virgin and organic red palm oil, packed with carotene and vitamin E:

Red palmred palm oil contains at least ten times more carotenes than carrots and thirty times that found in tomatoes. Carotenes are extremely good for your skin. Red palm oil is also the richest source of tocotrienols, as certain types of vitamin E are called, which are stored in the skin and protect against aging and damage caused by the sun. Tocotrienols combat pigmentation and wrinkles caused by age. They soothe and protect your skin, making red palm oil perfect for skincare when shaving. Red palm oil strengthens your skin after shaving.

5 essential oils and plant extracts for a smooth and itch and irritation-free shave for your legs, armpits and pubic hair.

say goodbye to redness, razor bumps and itchiness. Razoli  guarantees you skin protection and care, with a smooth shave every time. For greater confidence. Your skin will thank you.

Organic orange for a refreshing shave:  

Orange for refreshing your skinorange oil has a refreshing and invigorating fragrance. It is very soothing for skin that is oily and rough and strengthens the epidermis. It helps to remove dead skin cells and create new ones, giving your skin a soft feel and stopping flaking. It also has antibacterial and fungicidal properties, so that any cuts or skin issues are stopped, and are soothed and restored after every shave.

Organic mandarin stops your skin from getting irritated after a shave:

Mandarins, purifying for irritated skinmandarin has a fresh and sweet fragrance and invigorates and purifies all skin types. It bolsters fatigued skin and purifies blocked pores. The oil also has a restorative effect if there is any irritation after a shave. Mandarin soothes wrinkles and cellulite, making it an excellent ingredient for this Razoli  shaving oil for women when shaving your legs.

Organic cardamom stops razor bumps when shaving your pubic hair: 

Cardamom, for restoring irritated skincardamom is very common in Ayurveda medicine for repairing and strengthening lightly irritated skin. It’s perfect for your whole body; just apply directly to the irritated skin. Irritation-free shaving of your pubic hair, armpits or legs. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Razoli shaving oil prevents skin disorders and is extremely soothing and restorative when shaving. Cardamom oil can improve your skin structure and relaxes fatigued legs. In Ayurveda medicine they call this the Varneekarana property.

Organic sandalwood for moisturising properties when shaving your legs:

Sandalwood, skin-friendly and with moisturising propertiessandalwood has a sweet and woody fragrance and is great for your skin. It cares for your skin and prevents or soothes shaving rashes. It improves blood circulation and regulates skin moisture (moisturises). It strengthens the shaved skin and the underlying connective tissue. The antibacterial properties are restorative and protect your skin if shaving rashes, infections, itchy skin irritations and allergic reactions occur. Shaving without itchiness, red areas and razor bumps.

Organic vetiver encourages skin regeneration after shaving:

Vetiver, for skin rejuvenationVetiver oil has a woody fragrance with sweet undertones. Vetiver is perfect for skincare during and after a shave, and it regulates very well when used on oily skin. It builds up the dermal connective tissue in particular, so that it benefits the skin’s regeneration processes. This means it stimulates the growth of new tissue, which results in soft skin. Vetiver also combats the skin irritations, redness, itchiness and minor infections which could occur when shaving. It stimulates blood circulation so as to improve your metabolism and waste products will be properly discharged.


Razoli shaving oil woman
Razoli shaving oil woman
  • 100% natural, 100% active, 100% organic shaving oil
  • Combination of essential oils especially for sensitive woman skin
  • Smooth shave without irritation, rash, red spots or ingrown hairs
  • 3 in 1: shaving cream, moisturizer and aftershave
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Shaving your legs, armpits and pubic hair with natural softness Say goodbye to redness, razor bumps and itchiness. Razoli  guarantees you skin protection and care, with a smooth shave every time.