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Clogged nose, a runny nose, a snotty nose and Rudolf!

Rudolf! helps against clogged nose full of snot, stop runny nose or snotty nose

You might wonder from time to time why in case of cold, your body produces such an amount of snot and mucus. You blow your nose until you’re empty, and there goes all the snot, so what’s the point? In theory, you produce some mucus every day. Just like sweat even a considerable amount: 1 to 1,5 liter!

Just like sweat, don’t ponder on it for too long. It becomes different when you start to flood, like in case of a serious cold. Every time you get irritated by the amount of snot, remember snot has a function: it is loaded with defense artillery (antibodies) that try to get rid of the bacteria and viruses in your body. The thicker, the less hospitable it is for unwanted guests.

Of course, this creamy mucus gives you the impression of clogging.

  • Fast and effective
  • 100% organic herbal balm
  • Relieves a blocked nose
  • Pocket-sized for use when on the go
  • Contains 10 different active essential oils
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Clogged nose, runny nose or snotty nose? Rudolf! herbal balm