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Fight sleep apnea! A good night’s sleep without apnea

Sleep apnea? Sleep well with Rudolf! by Amanprana

Faced with vague complaints like fatigue, feeling unwell or irritable? Maybe not a reason to run to the doctor’s. Be alert, though. These complaints could be an indication of apnea. If you keep postponing the visit to the doctor, these complaints might worsen. It is often the partner who discovers that sleeping is difficult and accompanied by  restlessness.

What is sleep apnea? Sleeping well becomes difficult

Sleep apnea is a form of dyssomnia, a sleeping disorder, characterized by pauses in breathingr instances of shallow or infrequent breathing during sleep. This can be caused by e.g. a poorly formed pharynx. It can be too narrow and occasionally cause the soft palate with the uvula to be sucked to the throat wall.

Symptoms of sleep apnea: interrupted breathing, blocked respiratory tract

The specific danger for people suffering from  sleep apnea is complete blocking of the respiratory tract. Sleeping well becomes impossible, even dangerous. These people also suddenly suck in a lot of air, which makes them snore. As soon as the breathing is interrupted, they abruptly wake up. This of course will result in daytime fatigue

Rudolf!, a natural and biological remedy against sleep apnea

It is of course very important to visit the doctor in case of suspicion of obstructive sleep apnea, he can advise you on what action to undertake.

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