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Herbs, fleur de sel, seaweeds and sumac: Amanprana Botanico mixes are culinary seasonings for everyday use.

My present favourite product is ORAC botanico-mix - when I open the cup that characteristic aroma immediately brings a smile to my face. It's simply fantastic.

Sebastian Copien, cook, cook book author and nutritional coach, Eching, Germany

Amanprana knows how important it is to use good seasonings. So we couldn’t pass up the chance to make our own top-quality seasoning mixes. Amanprana founder Chantal Voets set to work, using all her knowledge about herbs and spices, and developed the Botanico range of seasoning mixes. Users of these seasoning mixes can expect tons of flavour.

Every Amanprana Botanico mix has its own unique composition. The three key components (seaweed, herbs, sumac berries and Khoisan fleur de sel) in Amanprana’s Botanico mixes work for you.

'Let food be thy medicine,' Hippocrates said. Every doctor who takes the Hippocratic oath should firstly prescribe foodstuffs as medicine. But unfortunately this is far from the case, as most doctors solely prescribe drugs even though they know that most of these don't actually cure you, but act more as a placebo. MD Allen Roses, who was once an executive at the multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, acknowledged as much: 'Our drugs don't work on most patients'. Amanprana aims to prove that only nature can cure and support you.

What are the 3 pillars of the Botanico mixes?

  1. Sumac:These have been used in the Middle East for hundreds of years for culinary and medicinal purposes. Sumac is a flavour enhancer; it gives a fresh, mildly acidic taste to your dishes, with hints of citrus, wood and pine.
  2. Khoisan fleur de sel: Four types of seaweed: nori, sea lettuce, kombu and dulse – the basis of the “4 algae” version (described later in this newsletter).
  3. 4 seaweeds: a sea salt (also described later in this newsletter). All Botanico mixes (except Curcumax) contain 15% to 30% Khoisan fleur de sel.

How do I use Botanico mixes? How can I use herbs, seaweed, fleur de sel and sumac to boost my health?

Add them to or sprinkle them over all of your meals. Use them as a broth or as a substitute for salt and pepper. Add them to your breakfast cereal, smoothies and freshly-squeezed juices. Use the Botanico mixes liberally; use them as if they were your permanent healthcare assistants and beauticians. By using these vitalising herbs, fleur de sel, seaweed and sumac mixes, you’re really letting food “be thy medicine”! You can incorporate Amanprana Botanico mixes into your dishes to your heart’s content, or just add the seasoning at the last moment. You can also add Botanico seasoning to your steam bath: top-shelf skin care!

What are the Botanico mixes? Amanprana has developed 7 varieties with herbs, seaweeds and Khoisan fleur de sel.

There are seven different versions of the Amanprana Botanico mixes: Adapto, Immuno, Flamuno, ORAC, ORAC spicy, Curcumax, 4-Algae and Khoisan fleur de sel. How can you use them?

  • Use them in your meals (add just before serving)
  • As a substitute for salt and pepper
  • In your steam bath, for a top-shelf relaxation ritual
  • Use them to make a cup of tea
  • Add them to your breakfast cereal, or use in biscuits, smoothies or freshly-squeezed juice.

Do you need some new seasonings to restock your kitchen cupboard? Get some Amanprana Botanico seasoning mixes and Khoisan fleur de sel. They’ll not only make cooking easier (with a perfect blend in a single jar), they’ll make it yummier (with their delicious flavours)!

Amanprana Botanico herbs – healthy herbs Amanprana fleur de sel is packed with minerals Herbs are crucial to your health. Use sumac, seaweeds and others