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Herbs, fleur de sel, seaweeds and sumac: Amanprana Botanico mixes are culinary seasonings for everyday use.

My present favourite product is ORAC botanico-mix - when I open the cup that characteristic aroma immediately brings a smile to my face. It's simply fantastic.

Sebastian Copien, cook, cook book author and nutritional coach, Eching, Germany

The seaweeds, herbs, sumac berry and the Khoisan fleur de sel contained in the Amanprana Botanico mixes all work for you.

'Let food be thy medicine,' Hippocrates said. Every doctor who takes the Hippocratic oath should firstly prescribe foodstuffs as medicine. But unfortunately this is far from the case, as most doctors solely prescribe drugs even though they know that most of these don't actually cure you, but act more as a placebo. MD Allen Roses, who was once an executive at the multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, acknowledged as much: 'Our drugs don't work on most patients'. Amanprana aims to prove that only nature can cure and support you.

What are the 3 pillars of the Botanico mixes?

  1. Sumac:
  2. Khoisan fleur de sel:
  3. 4 seaweeds:

How to use Botanico mixes - how to use the herbs, seaweeds, fleur de sel and sumac to look after your health?

Add them to or sprinkle them over all your dishes. Use the mixes as a bouillon or as a substitute for salt and pepper. Add them to your breakfast cereals, smoothies or fresh juices. Use our Botanico mixes liberally - in fact, consider them as your permanent health and beauty specialist. Think of these vitalising herbs, fleur de sel, seaweed and sumac mixes in the spirit of Hippocrates: 'let food be thy medicine'! Add Amanprana Botanicos while preparing your dishes to your heart's desire or stir them in just before serving. You can even add the Botanico herb mixes to a steam bath - top-notch skincare!

What are the Botanico mixes? Amanprana has developed 7 varieties with herbs, seaweeds and Khoisan fleur de sel.

There are seven different versions of the Amanprana Botanico mixes: Adapto, Immuno, Flamuno, ORAC, ORAC spicy, Curcumax, 4-Algae and Khoisan fleur de sel.

Botanico mixes
Botanico mixes
  • A great addition to your daily diet
  • Versatile herb mixes – easier and tastier
  • Adds flavour, colour and fragrance
  • A substitute for salt and pepper
  • 100% natural
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Amanprana Botanico herbs – healthy herbs Amanprana fleur de sel is packed with minerals Herbs are crucial to your health. Use sumac, seaweeds and others