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Amanprana 4-Algae Botanico mix

Amanprana 4-Algae Botanico Mix with fleur de sel and 4 seaweeds with iodine and minerals
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75g: € 23,95

Seaweed is the major component of Amanprana 4-Algae for fighting cramp, thyroid issues and fatigue

Amanprana 4-Algae Botanico mix with seaweeds ingredients

70% 4-algae mix (nori, sea lettuce, kombu, dulse), 30% Khoisan fleur de sel.

4-ALGAE Botanico mix
4-ALGAE Botanico mix
  • More energy and vitality
  • Packed with minerals and trace elements
  • An iodine champion
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • For optimum thyroid activity
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Amanprana 4-Algae herb mix with nori, dulse, sea lettuce and kombu Amanprana 4-Algae contains seaweeds packed with minerals and iodine Use Amanprana 4-Algae with seaweeds to combat cramp and for perfect thyroid function Amanprana Botanico mix combats skin cancer and wrinkles