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Fibre in coconut flour: functional foodstuff. A study by Trinidad P. Trinidad, Aida C. Mallillin, Divinagracia H. Valdez, Anacleta S. Loyola, , Faridah C. Askali-Mercado, Joan C. Castillo, Rosario R. Encabo, Dina B. Masa, Angelica S. Maglaya, Modesto T.

Coconut flour. Did you know that, in small amounts, coconut flour is a delicious and healthy substitute for powdered sugar to decorate cakes? That's smart

Amber Albarda, nutrition coach, author of the cookbook Gezond Bakken (Healthy Baking), p.67

Study to establish whether adding coconut fibre to a recipe increases the meal's nutritional value. (Summary of http://www.pfigueiredo.org/TA26.pdf):

(a) Dietary fibre: the content of the coconut flour's dietary fibre in the sample amounted to 60.0 ± 1.0g/100g, of which 56% insoluble and 4% soluble. Conclusion: coconut flour is a rich source of dietary fibre. It can be fermented and has short fatty acid chains (with butyrate > acetate> propionate).
(b) Minerals: carrot cake with 20% coconut flour contained the most iron and zinc; multigrain bread supplemented with 10% coconut flour and macaroons with 25% coconut flour contained the most calcium. Conclusion: higher quantities of coconut fibre do not increase the mineral content in the foodstuff to which it is added.
(c) Glycemic index: a supplement of 20-25% coconut fibre lowers the glycemic index of macaroons (45.7±3.0), carrot cake (51.8±3.3) and brownies (60.1±5.4)). A supplement of 5-15% provides a minimal to no difference in the glycemic index (pan de sal (87.2 ± 5.5), multigrain bread (85.2 ± 6.8). Conclusion: if more coconut fibre is added to foodstuffs (15 tot 25%), it lowers the glycemic index.
(d) Blood serum, cholesterol and triglycerides: when using coconut fibre there was a significant reduction (%) in the total blood serum and of the LDL cholesterol: Conclusion: 15% coconut fibre lowers the total cholesterol, the LDL cholesterol and the triglycerides in the blood of people with moderately elevated levels of cholesterol.

The results (a)(b)(c)(d) of this study can be used to 'functionally' promote coconut flour as a natural dietary supplement.

Amanprana coconut flour contains more insoluble fibre and promotes intestinal transit. It contains no gluten and very few calories. The fibre contains high levels of protein and benefits your cholesterol level.

> Test results 2006
> Test results 2012

Coconut flour
Coconut flour
  • Extra fibre-rich 50%
  • Gluten-free flour
  • Easy bowel movement/flat belly
  • Hypoallergenic
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Smoothie with pineapple and spirulina and Amanprana coconut fibres