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SOS dry skin look your best even at -5°C

I love walking through organic shops and discovering new products. A while back I discovered Amanprana coconut oil and started using it for stir-frying veggies. Based on a friend's suggestion, I now use the same coconut oil after my shower. It makes my skin blissfully soft. Tip: I hold the container under the hot shower water so the oil melts and it's easier to rub on.

Elise Crombez, Belgian top model and presenter, Belgium

Soft lips, a healthy glow and a radiant complexion even in freezing weather.

During the cold months your skin has a hard time coping with the cold. A little extra care and attention can't do any harm. Amanprana offers you an effective and natural solution for every ailment.

Dry or chapped lips?
Solution: extra virgin coconut oil

Amanprana extra virgin coconut oil for dry lips Do your lips burn or feel painful? Are they rough or have flaky skin? We suffer from dry or chapped lips especially on colder days, as a result of air conditioning or if there is low humidity. We quickly reach for a lip balm to relieve our discomfort in no time at all but do not realise that instead of protecting our lips we are covering them in a film that prevents the skin on the lips from breathing. The skin does not heal but dries out even more and we have to continue applying our lip balm. On the other hand Amanprana extra virgin coconut oil is absorbed by the skin and does wonders for dry or chapped lips. Coconut oil offers natural and effective protection and care.

Redness and dry patches?
Solution: Shangri-La and extra virgin coconut oil

Our face also needs extra care during cold winter days. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or cycling you may soon suffer from redness or dry, rough patches of skin. Shangri-La or Amanprana extra virgin coconut oil offers the skin preventive and optimal protection against the cold, bitter wind and keeps the skin supple and healthy.

Dry facial skin?
Solution: Amanprana day oil Amanprana

Day oils offer an outstanding solution for optimal skin hydration and in-depth moisturising. There is a choice of five aromatherapies: Lavender, Rose, Nerolina, Jasmine and Vanilla.

Do you suffer from dry hands, cracked skin or taut-feeling skin?
Solution: extra virgin coconut oil Shangri-La & coconut oil aid dry, red facial skin

Most hand creams only offer short-term relief. Amanprana extra virgin coconut oil repairs and nourishes the skin resulting in long-lasting soft and healthy hands. Your cuticles will certainly need some extra care, so massage them with coconut oil to prevent and heal painful or dry flaky skin. Our feet often suffer the same fate as our hands; you can also treat your feet to extra virgin coconut oil and offer them a simple and natural treatment.

Stress or burn out?
Solution: Amanprana massage and body oil

Amanprana massage & body oil for stress & dry skinDoes your skin usually feel dry and often horribly itchy? Treat yourself to a wonderful bath or shower with one of the Amanprana Massage oils, ideal for combating stress. Use massage oil rather than body lotion. Body lotions dry out the skin because they contain added water or chemical substances. Amanprana Massage oils smell divine, keep the skin soft and supple and are also emotionally uplifting. There are five aromatherapies to choose from: Rose, Nerolina, Jasmine, Lavender and Vanilla.

Winter detox?
Solution: Amanprana scrubs

We all treat our bodies to a scrub now and again: by removing dead skin cells your skin feels as soft as velvet once more. Yet after exfoliating, our skin feels taut because certain substances in ordinary scrubs are often not 100% natural or because the scrubs contain a lot of water, which has a drying effect. This is why Amanprana has introduced 100% natural scrubs to the market based on just sugar and oil. The oil is optimally absorbed by the skin and keeps the natural oil layer in balance. The skin benefits from optimal nourishment and long-lasting softness. There are five aromatherapies to choose from: Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Nerolina and Vanilla.

Itchy scalp?
Solution: extra virgin coconut oil

Do you experience that distressing feeling of an itchy scalp when you take off your winter hat? Then it is vital that you don't use an aggressive shampoo! In the evening apply an extra virgin coconut oil mask to your hair. When you wash your hair in the morning it will feel wonderfully soft, as will your scalp, and the itchiness will be gone.

Amanprana extra virgin coconut oil for itchy scalp

Coconut oil
Coconut oil
  • Rich in MCT-fatty acids
  • Easy digestable
  • More energy, less fat storage,
  • For frying, baking, stir-fry and spreading
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Soft lips, a healthy glow and a radiant complexion even in freezing weather. Shangri-la, our face also needs extra care during cold winter days