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High blood pressure due to Western lifestyle and diet. The Tokelau migrant study and high blood pressure

I love walking through organic shops and discovering new products. A while back I discovered Amanprana coconut oil and started using it for stir-frying veggies. Based on a friend's suggestion, I now use the same coconut oil after my shower. It makes my skin blissfully soft. Tip: I hold the container under the hot shower water so the oil melts and it's easier to rub on.

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Our blood pressure is rising due to a Western lifestyle and eating habits

The unique study conducted using migrants on the Tokelau islands between 1967 and 1982 (the Tokelau Island Migrant Study) demonstrated that type 2 diabetes became more prevalent as a Western lifestyle and diet were adopted. (Type 2 diabetes due to Western lifestyle and diet) 
The study also demonstrated that there is a clear link between high blood pressure and a Western lifestyle, among both men and women. Incidences of both peak (systolic) and low (diastolic) blood pressure rose considerably. The blood pressure of men who migrated to New Zealand rose by 1 mm mmHg more than those who remained on Tokelau, while for women the figure stood at 0.4 mmHg per year.

Amanprana’s view on high blood pressure and the Tokelau migrant study:

The Tokelau study makes it clear that a Western lifestyle and diet are the cause behind higher blood pressure, amongst both women and men. What can one do to combat high blood pressure? Exercise more, control stress and eat more natural, vegetable-based and unprocessed foods. Coconuts (coconut oil, grated coconut, coconut water, coconut blossom sugar en coconut cream) are a natural food. Coconut oil and coconuts are a remedy for the heart. The Tokelau migrant study makes it abundantly clear that coconuts and coconut oil helps to prevent heart disease. Use coconut products as a preventative remedy. Coconut products help to prevent and cure high blood pressure and help you to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Source: Epidemiologic reviews (Oxford journals) (1983), 291-301, JG Joseph, IAM Prior, CE Salmond, D Stanley, The Johns Hopkins University of Hygiene and Public Health

Coconut oil
Coconut oil
  • Rich in MCT-fatty acids
  • Easy digestable
  • More energy, less fat storage,
  • For frying, baking, stir-fry and spreading
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