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Mandy Moore swears by coconut oil

I love walking through organic shops and discovering new products. A while back I discovered Amanprana coconut oil and started using it for stir-frying veggies. Based on a friend's suggestion, I now use the same coconut oil after my shower. It makes my skin blissfully soft. Tip: I hold the container under the hot shower water so the oil melts and it's easier to rub on.

Elise Crombez, Belgian top model and presenter, Belgium

Mandy Moore on coconut oil as the ultimate moisturising cream

Mandy Moore's best beauty tip for soft skin is to apply coconut oil all over her body.

The 'Walk to Remember' actress swears by the power of unrefined coconut oil to boost her skin's moisture levels and give her a healthy glow.

She told People magazine: ''It's a little oily when it goes on but your body drinks it up pretty quickly, and it smells yummy without being overpowering.''

Aside from her favourite homemade remedy, the 29-year-old star has made a conscious decision to only incorporate natural and organic products into her skincare regime in order to look after her body as best she can.

Mandy said: ''I find myself making more of an active choice to use cleaner products and being generally conscious of the products I do use and what's in them. '

'We're all so aware of what goes in our bodies that being educated about what goes on our bodies is the next logical step.''

Coconut oil is the skin care par excellence

Read here the article: Mandy Moore says coconut oil is the ''ultimate moisturizer''.


Coconut oil
Coconut oil
  • Rich in MCT-fatty acids
  • Easy digestable
  • More energy, less fat storage,
  • For frying, baking, stir-fry and spreading
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Coconuts hanging on palm tree to make Amanprana coconut oil from Model Miranda Kerr Coconut oil contains fatty acids that make the skin and hair soft and glossy