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Not all fats are alike – avoid trans fats in products like margarine and palm oil and use healthy fats such as extra virgin coconut oil, red palm oil and olive oil

The best source of carotenoids is red palm oil

Atilla Hildmann, vegan celebrity chef and bestselling author, Germany

Avoid refined foods, packed with trans fats, margarine and palm oil

Is fat the arch-enemy of a healthy lifestyle? We don’t agree, and fortunately there are an ever-increasing number of people on our side, including scientists. Research is increasingly showing that fat is not as bad as we were always told, and on the contrary: fat is actually good.

Dieting advice: fat is healthy if it is of good quality and does not contain trans fats. Healthy fats help you to lose weight, margarine and refined palm oil does not

The US government recently appointed a number of advisors to create a collection of dietary advice (Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015*). Given the large number of people who suffer from obesity (approximately two-thirds of American adults are overweight), the time was ripe for action. A number of striking conclusions arose from these guidelines, one of which was that fat could be healthy, according to the advisors. This has been taboo for years, but Amanprana has long believed it. One of the advisors, Professor Tim Noakes, who is also a marathon runner, stated that fats can even help you to lose weight. But of course we are not talking about the most common fats here – margarine and refined palm oil.

Which fats are the healthiest? Avoid trans fats and use healthy unsaturated fats instead, such as extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil and red palm oil

What we do have to remember is that it is important to keep an eye on which fats you are eating. If you eat a large amount of biscuits, ready-made meals, cake, crisps or other foods that contain high levels of industrial fats, then you are doing anything but following a healthy lifestyle. In fact, your chances of dying from cardiovascular issues rise by up to one-third. This was the recent conclusion of a study published in the medical journal The BMJ (British Medical Journal). These are trans fats, which were once conceived as ‘healthy alternatives’ to the animal fats in butter and cream. An additional advantage for manufacturers is that they are much cheaper to make. But it is these industrial trans fats that are so unhealthy. Many of them are contained in refined palm oil, which is also used in things like margarine, and which we think are good for our health. This is a lie propagated by the food industry.

Scientist Dr Russell de Souza of the McMaster University considers trans fats as dangerous

When you absorb high levels of industrial trans fats your chances of serious heart disease increase by up to 30% due to build ups in your coronary arteries. And your chance of death rises by 34%. The results are in comparison to individuals who barely consume any trans fats. Lead scientist Dr Russell de Souza of the McMaster University in Canada considers the trans fats used industrially to be very dangerous, as they provide no benefits but contain many health risks. Avoid these trans fats by preparing your own meals ad using healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil and red palm oil.

Trans fats are not only unhealthy, they also affect our moods

Trans fats are not just detrimental to our physical health, they also affect our psychological wellbeing, as has been demonstrated by a study conducted in San Diego and published in the Journal of Health Psychology*. This study involved 5,000  subjects and it found that trans fats interfere with the way in which our emotions are regulated. It takes more effort to control a feeling, while awareness of oneself is much lower. Experiencing emotions consequently becomes a clutter, and so what we eat has a major affect upon our psychological health.

Conclusion: eat as few trans fats as possible – avoid margarine and products containing palm oil and choose organic alternatives such as extra virgin coconut oil, red palm oil and olive oil

Do not use margarine or palm oil  but use extra virgin ones instead like coconut oil, olive oil and red palm oilTry to avoid industrial trans fats as much as possible. The best is, of course, when you cut them out of your diet entirely, but if you do eat refined foods we recommend that you read the labels. But they might not always say ‘trans fats’, and they may be classified under other names:

  • Margarine, artificial butter
  • Partially hardened oil/fat
  • Hardened oil/fat
  • Partially hydrogenated oil/fat
  • Palm oil

Note that margarine and artificial butter are also included above – products that have been presented to us for years as a healthy alternative to butter and perfect for losing weight. But they are packed with unhealthy trans fats, making them a poor option. If you wish to eradicate trans fats entirely from your diet, it is best to prepare all your own meals so that you know what they contain. Choose only organic products and use fats such as extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil or red palm oil. For healthy weight loss, use natural products. All Amanprana products are 100% organic and 100% natural.

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