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Is palm oil good for you? Red palm oil is packed with carotene and vitamin E, but white palm oil is a refined vegetable oil with all the goodness removed

The best source of carotenoids is red palm oil

Atilla Hildmann, vegan celebrity chef and bestselling author, Germany

Red palm oil is better for you than refined palm oil and is crammed with carotene and vitamin E

Palm oil makes up about a third of the global production of vegetable oils. Palm oils are also the primary global source of fats. There are various types of palm oil and the palm oils also differ when it comes to their health-giving properties, with one being healthy while another isn’t. There is white palm oil, which Amanprana believes is not good for you, and there is red palm oil, which is an extremely healthy palm oil.

When palm oil is exported out of a source country it is mostly bleached, deodorised and de-acidified, creating a product that can withstand the heat better but that also offsets the health-giving effects of the palm oil. Palm oil is naturally orangey-red, thanks to the large amount of carotene it contains. Around 95% of the palm oil used around the world is not sustainable and is not sufficiently healthy – this is the white palm oil.

Do not use margarine or palm oil  but use extra virgin ones instead like coconut oil, olive oil and red palm oilWhere do you find refined white palm oil?

Refined palm oil can mostly be found in margarine and other products. But margarine is never red in colour because, although the white palm oil is derived from red palm oil, it is refined and all its good properties are extracted. You can also find white palm oil in, among other things, cakes, pastries, ready-made meals, pizzas, chocolate paste, quiches, sandwiches, biscuits and chocolate. It is a common ingredient in mass-produced products.

White palm oil is refined, while red palm oil is a healthy vegetable oil

Cheap palm oil – white palm oil – such as that used in margarine is refined, a process that sees all the goodness extracted from the red palm oil. This includes carotene, sterols and vitamin E. Why is this process performed? Because those properties are resold as a nutritional supplement, and the white palm oil is the residual product. So white palm oil is actually a waste product of the pharmaceutical industry.

Fortunately there is increasing knowledge about palm oil and how it affects our health. This includes the positive properties of unrefined red palm oil, which is what Amanprana stocks. Red palm oil ensures that our LDL cholesterol level decreases while our good HDL cholesterol level increases, helping to balance the cholesterol values in our bodies. Studies have shown that, aside from the positive influence upon cholesterol levels, red palm oil also helps to fight arterial plaque and thrombosis.

White palm oil is best avoided, not because it is a saturated fat but because it is an empty waste product that has no value for your body and is more likely to harm it. Saturated fat is good for you, with 50% of breast milk being saturated fat and your organs nestled in saturated fats. If your organs were embedded in unsaturated fats, they would oxidise and be destroyed. But of course both saturated and unsaturated fats are essential to our well-being.

Red palm oil is healthy, crammed with carotene and antioxidants

Carrots may be a carotene-bomb, but they pale in comparison to red palm oil. That’s because red palm oil contains 10 times more carotene than carrots. Carotene is so important for us because it  improves our eyesight and has anti-oxidative properties that protect our cells from free radicals. And carotene is good for your skin because it protects it from the sun. Studies have shown that the sun’s UV rays destroy the beta-carotenes in your blood, but red palm oil protects your skin from these rays.

You can also protect your skin from the sun by rubbing red palm oil on yourself. When you apply red palm oil to your skin the tocotrienols are absorbed by the lowest skin layers, giving your body and skin a natural means of protection. Red palm oil also makes a perfect after sun lotion.

Red palm oil is healthy, packed with vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects your body against free radicals. Your body is unable to produce its own vitamin E, even though it is essential. Red palm oil contains plenty of vitamin E with the important tocotrienols that help to lower blood pressure and prevent strokes, late onset diabetes and put a stop to breast and prostate cancer developing.

Avoid vegetable oils in margarine, use red palm oil instead

Margarine is something that is best avoided. The Health Council recommends that refined palm oil  not be eaten. Margarine is largely based on deodorised and refined waste. Extra virgin oils are the best option, and the quality of the oil you use is more important than the type of oil. Eating healthy oil is almost as important as eating fruit and vegetables. Amanprana’s red palm oil is 100% natural, and it is not only delicious, it also increases the nutritional value of your dishes. Amanprana’s red palm oil is extra virgin and is derived by cold pressing the pitted red palm fruit to extract the red palm oil.

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Red palm oil
Red palm oil
  • Rich in carotenes an 7 types of vitamin E
  • Buy 1 litre = save 1 rainforest tree
  • Healthy baking, frying and stir-frying
  • Your skin tans faster and is better protected
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Red palm oil, vegetable oil packed with vitamin E Vegetable oil on bread? Use Amanprana's red palm oil Red palm oil  comes from the oil palm, packed with carotene and vitamin E