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Ready your skin for the summer sun using healthy Amanprana Red Palm Oil, full of vitamin E and carotenes

The best source of carotenoids is red palm oil

Atilla Hildmann, vegan celebrity chef and bestselling author, Germany

	Red Palm Oil (vit. E) protects your skin from UV-rays

Without the sun there would be no life, no beauty and no health. Amanprana advocates tanning in a safe way, and we do not recommend extreme tanning. What we strongly recommend is tanning your front for the safe 5 to 20 minute period and then your back for the same time without using suntan lotion, depending on how sensitive your skin is. Red palm oil makes your body and skin significantly more resistant to the sun’s rays. That fact is assured, and not just while sun-tanning, but also while cycling, walking or eating out.

Red palm oil is healthy:

Carrots contain beta-carotenes, and so does red palm oil. In fact, our Red Palm Oil contains ten times more carotenes than carrots. Tomatoes contain lycopenes (a type of carotene), and so does red palm oil. In fact, our Red Palm Oil contains 30 times more carotenes than tomatoes.

Red palm oil is also very rich in vitamin E (7 types), and it is the richest source of tocotrienols, a specific vitamin E that prevents the sun-related aging of your eyes and skin up to 30 times more effectively than other types of vitamin E. Vitamin E and carotenes are natural antioxidants that help to protect your body, spirit and skin against aging.

Red palm oil protects your skin:

When you cook with Extra Virgin Red Palm Oil you are adding powerful antioxidants to your meals. Red palm oil protects your skin from the inside out, and consuming red palm oil helps to slow the aging process by, among other things, protecting your skin from UV rays. Red palm oil is also an ideal after-sun application for your skin, and can be combined with coconut oil. Please note: carotene supplements are not the same, nor do they have the same effect, as the natural carotenes contained in red palm oil.

Red palm oil
Red palm oil
  • Rich in carotenes an 7 types of vitamin E
  • Buy 1 litre = save 1 rainforest tree
  • Healthy baking, frying and stir-frying
  • Your skin tans faster and is better protected
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