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Five drawbacks of refined sugar:

I also brought a sampling of some of my favorite (top secret) (but not anymore) ingredients from Europe - Amanpana's hot cocoa mix and matcha blend, gula java coconut sugar and my favorite spice blend on planet earth, their ORAC-botanico mix that adds the most incredible flavor and boost of nutrition to every dish imaginable. They're finally available in the USA - très exciting!

Rebecca Leffler, author, journalist &consultant about healthy food & lifestyle, Long time fan of the Amanprana products, New York, USA

Five drawbacks of refined sugar

1. Metabolizing glucose requires magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, zinc, chromium, manganese, copper and various enzymes. In the absence of these substances (as with refined sugars) this is withdrawn from the body. Refined sugars are therefore nutrient thieves and thus linked to osteoporosis, dental cavities, a weak immunity, weak intestinal flora and nutritional intolerances and allergies.

2. Refined sugars have a high glycaemic index and causes so-called blood sugar spikes (hyper glycaemia) and  blood sugar dips (hypoglycaemia).  Fluctuations in blood sugar levels not only affect the pancreas (responsible for the production of insulin (an adipogenic hormone that stimulates the generation of adipose tissue)) but also the adrenal glands (which produce adrenaline following hypoglycaemia). Fatigue and CVS are therefore often the logical result. The spikes and drops in blood sugar level also stimulates the generation of adipose tissue (obesity).

3. Epidemiologic studies and the WHO see a clear link between the use of refined sugar and diabetes type 2, also called old-age diabetes. In part this is because fructose especially contributes to abdominal obesity or "belly fat" (which is a risk factor for the development of insulin resistance, the precursor of type 2 diabetes).  But one sees that an increase in fructose increases insulin resistance, also in slim people. Type 2 Diabetes is also one of the fastest growing diseases of our Western civilization. More and more young people and children also suffer from type 2 diabetes as a result of the misuse of sugar. The term “old age diabetes” is therefore no longer completely correct.

4. The triglyceride level (fats in the bloodstream) increases with excessive use of refined sugars.  An increase in triglycerides is one of the risk factors for heart disease. This is the so-called sucrose-triglyceride effect.

5. And last but not least (important for the women among us) sugar also causes premature aging (including wrinkles). Glucose has the property to bind itself to protein molecules (e.g. collagen) thereby damaging the proteins and AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) are formed. The AGEs speed up the ageing process which is clearly visible by the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. AGEs also harden your arteries, stiffen your joints and affect your brain. [De houdbare vrouw ¨C2012 :35]

So avoid refined sugar but go for coconut blossom sugar, maple syrup, honey and agave syrup. Refined sugars are empty carbohydrates and nutrient thieves. Goodbye cane or beet sugar, goodbye HFSC, goodbye rock sugar, goodbye candy sugar and goodbye brown sugar...

Gula Java coconut blossom sugar
Gula Java coconut blossom sugar
  • Unrefined coconut blossom sugar
  • Many antioxidants and minerals: including chromium and Inositol
  • Low glycemic index of 35
  • Most sustainable sugar according to the 'World Health Organisation.'
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Refined sugars have a high glycaemic index and cause blood sugar spikes