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Use coconut blossom sugar. No Aspartame, stevia, brown sugar or molasses

Different sugars, such as granulated sugar, brown sugar

The word ‘sweet’ is always associated with good things – a sweet child is a good child, and to be sweet means to be good. When something is sweet, everything is great, and if you get a saucer full of sugar you see ‘sweet’ and you think ‘good’.

Granulated sugar (white sugar) or refined sugar is pure starch that contains no minerals or vitamins

Whether or not sugar is good depends on the type of sugar you use. Have you ever heard of a 'sudden shock' caused by refined sugar? When you eat granulated or white refined sugar it is equivalent to treating your body to a helping of refined starch – starch with the vitamins, minerals and proteins that the sugar in its raw form – the juice of the sugar beet or cane – once contained now removed.

Your body does not recognise this ‘refined’ starch and cannot do anything with it, which is why it undergoes that sudden shock, given that the starch dramatically acidifies your blood. Your body immediately does everything it can to restore the acid-base balance, and unfortunately your body will plunder what it can to do this.

You need those minerals that are refined out of the picture: using sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, your body can produce a neutral acid that will restore the balance. A single sudden shock can be successfully repelled, but imagine if your body has to deal with this scenario repeatedly when you expose it to such an attack every day, and sometimes multiple times a day.

Brown sugar, cane sugar, panela, molasses

You might choose brown sugar instead of white sugar, because you argue that ‘brown’ guarantees whole and healthy?

How do they make brown sugar?

The cuttings of the sugar beet are soaked in warm water, creating the raw juice. This juice is then purified and concentrated by boiling it until it turns into sugar crystals. The water and steam ‘whitens’ the sugar, with molasses created as a by-product.

Sometimes the raw juice is concentrated and dried, with the molasses retained to give the sugar its brown colour. This is what we call brown sugar. Then there is plain old brown table sugar, which is actually caramelised white sugar. Both cane sugar and panela are used to make ‘brown’ sugar.

Brown sugar against white sugar?

In theory brown sugar might still contain minerals and vitamins, if some molasses is retained. But the mineral and vitamin concentrations are so low that they offer no health benefits worth noting. This means that if you use brown sugar you are at best choosing on the basis of a trend.

Is coconut blossom sugar a good choice? Coconut blossom sugar compared to other types of sugar

Where does coconut blossom sugar stand when compared to other types of sugar? More information can be found at refined sugars and click here to see amounts of minerals in coconut blossem sugar compared to other sugars. Read more about coconut blossom sugar and the glycemic index.

Gula Java sugar sticks
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