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What does stevia taste like? Stevia taste test Amanprana, steviolglycosides

I also brought a sampling of some of my favorite (top secret) (but not anymore) ingredients from Europe - Amanpana's hot cocoa mix and matcha blend, gula java coconut sugar and my favorite spice blend on planet earth, their ORAC-botanico mix that adds the most incredible flavor and boost of nutrition to every dish imaginable. They're finally available in the USA - très exciting!

Rebecca Leffler, author, journalist &consultant about healthy food & lifestyle, Long time fan of the Amanprana products, New York, USA

Stevia is no steviolglycoside. This is nevertheless what is sold as stevia. Steviolglycoside is a refined product. Sporadic use is quite possible, but steviolglycosides are not appropriate for daily use. And steviolglycosides do not give you energy. The hunger remains. Even though the bitter and metallic taste is often camouflaged by a wide array of additives, stevia is still not a very pleasant sweetener. Have you ever tasted stevia? What do you think of it? Amanprana performed the taste test. Watch the videos for the result.

Stevia tastes terrible. Steviol glycoside is the food additive E 960 and it tastes unpleasant

A taste test was done on whether stevia (or, more accurately, steviol glycosides) taste nice and 'sweet'. The outcome was very clear – steviol glycoside, or stevia, as it is more commonly known, tastes terrible. The metallic taste is foreign to us, and although it tastes sweet it is also very metallic. And you get a nasty metallic aftertaste for a long time.

Your dishes will fail in terms of taste quality when you use stevia. You can only try to camouflage the taste. But a good dish starts with naturally delicious basic ingredients, and that certainly does not include stevia (steviol glycosides). Coconut blossom sugar, maple syrup and, to a lesser extent, agave are all delicious and healthy sweet alternatives. Amanprana considers stevia (steviol glycosides) as a highly isolated food additive called E 960. Stevia, with its sweet and metallic taste, is better avoided if you're concerned about your health. Steviol glycosides are often mixed with chemicals or other refined and unnatural substances. Amanprana considers stevia (steviol glycosides) to be a chemical sweet food additive and it can certainly not be seen as natural. The European Union does not consider stevia to be sugar either, but rather the additive E 960. Nor does stevia comply with organic legislation in Europe.

Maurice tastes stevia:

Taste test stevia, steviolglycosides performed by Maurice Leclef for Amanprana

Gula Java coconut blossom sugar
Gula Java coconut blossom sugar
  • Unrefined coconut blossom sugar
  • Many antioxidants and minerals: including chromium and Inositol
  • Low glycemic index of 35
  • Most sustainable sugar according to the 'World Health Organisation.'
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Stevia healthy or not? Choose unrefined natural sweeteners