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Amanprana healthy performance drinks as hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic sports drinks:

1. A hypotonic drink generally contains less than 4g of sugar (carbohydrates) per 100ml and has low osmotic pressure. This is intended as a thirst quencher. Hypotonic drinks give the athlete little energy in the form of sugars. A hypotonic sports drink is taken up by the body more quickly than just water. Ideal for recreational sports or shorter or less strenuous exertion.
2. An isotonic drink generally contains between 4g and 8g of sugar (carbohydrates) per 100ml and has about the same osmotic pressure as bodily fluids. An isotonic drink is taken up by the body about as quickly as water. They are intended to quench thirst and provide energy to the body. Ideal for endurance sports.
3. A hypertonic drink generally has more than 8g of sugar (carbohydrates) per 100ml and greater osmotic pressure than bodily fluids. It is primarily intended to supply energy. The thirst quenching effect is secondary. Hypertonic drinks are taken up more slowly than water. Ideal for use 30 to 60 minutes before sports/training/exertion and immediately after sports/training/exertion. Hypertonic drinks are also useful for athletes or workers who find that they need a bit more energy during their training/competition/ exertion. Also ideal for less strenuous, long duration exertions such as studying, driving, gaming, etc.

Use Amanprana performance drinks as healthy hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic sports drinks

Amanprana performance drinks are available in powder form. This allows you to make your own hypotonic, isotonic or hypertonic sports drink, depending on the amount of performance drink powder you add to water.

primary purpose
Gula Java Cacao
Gula Java Earl Grey
Gula Java Rooibos
Gula Java Matcha
Gula Java Safran
thirst quencher
max 5g/100ml
max 6g/100ml max 5g/100ml
max 5g/100ml
max 4g/100ml               
thirst quencher and energy
max 10g/100ml
max 12g/100ml
max 10g/100ml
max 10g/100ml
max 8g/100ml
min 13g/100ml
min 15g/100ml
min 13g/100ml
min 13g/100ml
min 11g/100ml

How to make Amanprana sports drink

Simple: put x grams of Amanprana performance drink powder of your choice (Gula Java Cacao, Earl Grey, Rooibos, Matcha or Safran (saffron)) in a drink bottle, glass or mug. Add the right approximate proportion of water, shake or stir, and you’re ready to go! Delicious cold, lukewarm or warm. (Do not drink ice cold drinks during sports.)

Add salt?

Not necessary for activities with little sweating or shorter exertions.
For endurance sports and intensive sweating, it is recommended to add a small amount of salt. How much? 50mg to 100mg per 100ml (0.05 to 0.1g). This is a very small amount. Use fleur de sel, unrefined sea salt or ground seaweed.

Gula Java performance drinks
Gula Java performance drinks
  • A delicious sports drink
  • Helps you perform long-term
  • Fair trade + fair world
  • The latest generation sports drink for endurance and energy
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Amanprana healthy performance drinks as hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic sports drinks