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Better performance with Gula Java performance drinks

The new healthy sports drink for champions

Michael Phelps, Olympic swimming champion and 8-medal winner, used to drink low-fat chocolate milk during the Olympic Games. New research has confirmed that with low-fat chocolate milk you will recuperate faster after intense physical exertion and also maintain intensive effort for much longer than with the commercially advertised sports drinks. The James Madison University concluded that football players who drink low-fat chocolate milk (Gula Java Cacao) suffer less muscle depletion than is the case with the conventional sports drinks. The Indiana University published an article stating that female bike riders could maintain the pace twice as long and recuperated faster with low-fat chocolate milk (Gula Java Cacao) than they did with the regular sports drinks. The Harrisonburg University in Virginia added some protein in carbohydrate-rich sports drinks and discovered that the maximal effort output increased from 29% to 40% at least.

Healthy performance drinks with Gula Java are 100% natural

Gula Java Safran, Earl Grey, Rooibos and Cacao fit in perfectly with the new generation of sport drinks. Various types of carbohydrates (sugars/energy), a number of proteins (amino acids) and sufficient electrolytes (minerals). But Amanprana does even better. Amanprana uses Gula Java, which is why these performance drinks are full of healthy energy. No refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. Pure and healthy energy from nature. In addition, all these performance drinks naturally contain a lot of antioxidants. They have a very high ORAC value, which makes them the only performance, sports or energy drinks in the world that ensure better immunity and protection against outside attacks during or after physical efforts.

Endurance sports? Opt chocolate milk: Amanprana energy drink

The new healthy family drinks for better performance

Gula Java performance drinks (Matcha, Safran, Earl Grey, Rooibos and Cacao) taste good with milk, water, cereal drink and fruit juices alike. Hot, lukewarm or cold. For young and old. Bursting with healthy energy. As a good start at breakfast, as an energy-rich snack, during recreational activities or sports, while playing, studying or going out, or on other occasions where you need to perform physically and mentally. With burn-out or winter blues. Gula Java performance drinks recharge your batteries in a healthy way and provide pure enjoyment. The coconut blossom energy is Fair World and helps 850 Javanese families earn an additional income.

Orac and antioxidants

Antioxidants provide protection against the ageing process. They attack active free radicals. The antioxidant values in food are expressed in ORAC per 100g. Fresh vegetables, legumes and fruits are high in ORAC. Herbs and some essential oils top the list. The lower the level of processing, the higher the ORAC value of the food. It is generally assumed that our bodies need an intake of 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units per day for protection against free radicals.


Gula Java performance drinks
Gula Java performance drinks
  • A delicious sports drink
  • Helps you perform long-term
  • Fair trade + fair world
  • The latest generation sports drink for endurance and energy
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Amanprana Gula Java Cocoa coconut blossom sugar the ultimate performance drink energy drink Matcha is Superfood that you usually drink. Matcha from Amanprana is Superfood ² and Superdrink²