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Stay awake and alert with caffeine

Caffeine in performance drinks promotes sustained alertness

Caffeine in Gula Java performance drinks has a stimulating effect on the mind and body. The central nervous system is stimulated. The result: higher alertness, faster reaction speed, better concentration, less mental fatigue and greater problem-solving ability. Caffeine also improves the body’s metabolism during endurance tests. Better fat metabolism and longer endurance. And performance drinks from Amanprana also contain many good things other than caffeine.

The words caffeine, cafeine and coffein are often used  interchangeably with mateine and guaranine, substances that occur in coffee beans, tea, maté, cacao and guarana. These are alkaloids with a fat-metabolising and stimulating effect. The half-life of these alkaloids in the body is 4 to 5 hours. Because the caffeine in Amanprana performance drinks comes from tea, the caffeine (theine) is released slowly. This means that there is no anxiety, just ‘zen’ alertness for an extended period.

Caffeine in drinks
Gula Java Matcha (15g or 30g per cup)
Gula Java Earl Grey (15g or 30g per cup)                 
Gula Java Rooibos (15g or 30g per cup)
Gula Java Cacao (15g or 30g per cup)      
imperial tea and kotobuki matcha superfood: 3g
imperial tea and kotobuki earl grey superfood: 3g 
imperial tea and kotobuki rooibos superfood: 3g
coffee (light to very strong)         
Red Bull             
black chocolate                     
mg/250ml drink (one cup)
96 or 192
76 or 152
1,2 or 2,4
9 or 18
25 to 35
40 to 120
20 to 130 mg/100g
Gula Java performance drinks
Gula Java performance drinks
  • A delicious sports drink
  • Helps you perform long-term
  • Fair trade + fair world
  • The latest generation sports drink for endurance and energy
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Stay awake and alert with Gula Java Matcha from Amanprana