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Detoxing and amanprana performance drinks

Cleansing without the headache while losing weight

Cleansing is detoxifying. You purify your body. Fasting is most effective when you drink only pure, low-mineral natural spring water, such as Pineo, Spa, Montcalm or Mont Roucous. During a detox fast, your body eliminates all the waste substances that have accumulated over time through the urine, bowel movements, sweat and via the tongue. By not eating, you give your body the rest and strength to concentrate on detoxifying and recovering. Normally, your digestion takes at least 30% of your energy. If you fast with only water for an extended period, it can sometimes be difficult to sleep due to headaches. Headaches are a sign of detoxifying and the fact that your brain is no longer working on sugar reserves, but on ketones. The performance drinks are fantastic for avoiding this during fasting. They give you healthy carbohydrates without junk during your cleanse.

How long to fast? How long does your cleanse take?

A one-day cleanse is great, but less effective. Cleanses from 3 days to a week are excellent for the mind and body. Cleansing should last a maximum of 4 weeks, unless you have therapeutic guidance.

Fasting and cleansing with Amanprana performance drinks?

Gula Java Safran, Gula Java Matcha or Gula Java Brut for your cleanse without or with fewer headaches. And weight loss as a free bonus.

How to fast, cleanse and detoxify?

Take a performance drink of your choice 5 x per day. Put 5 x 15g (1 large tablespoon) in 500ml cold, warm or tepid water. These 5 drinks provide a total of only 300kcal. Yes, only 60 kcal per portion!  And 500ml is a lot and gives a full feeling in the stomach. The Gula Java releases its energy slowly, for 3 to 5 hours of energy without real hunger and without ups and downs. It is important that you don’t miss a drink: always take the next drink within 4 hours of the last one. You will then have drunk a total of 2.5 litres. You can incrementally reduce the quantity of water and performance drink according to your reduced need for water during your fast or cleanse. You can do everything that you normally do during your fast or cleanse. Your reaction time will be slower, your alertness increases and your sense of smell improves after a week of fasting.

Want to cleanse without losing weight?

Increase the number of grams of Amanprana performance drink in your detox water. E.g. by using 3 tablespoons you get 900kcal per day, and with 5 tablespoons you get 1500kcal per day.
Gula Java performance drinks
Gula Java performance drinks
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  • Helps you perform long-term
  • Fair trade + fair world
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Detoxing and Amanprana performance drinks