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Amanprana Gula Java Cacao: a healthy sports drink with coconut blossom sugar. The perfect chocolate milk

I also brought a sampling of some of my favorite (top secret) (but not anymore) ingredients from Europe - Amanpana's hot cocoa mix and matcha blend, gula java coconut sugar and my favorite spice blend on planet earth, their ORAC-botanico mix that adds the most incredible flavor and boost of nutrition to every dish imaginable. They're finally available in the USA - très exciting!

Rebecca Leffler, author, journalist &consultant about healthy food & lifestyle, Long time fan of the Amanprana products, New York, USA
Gula Java Cacao Gula Java Cacao performance drink
Bovis 9.500, Yin 30, GI 30, ORAC 19.152/100g
390g: € 16,50 - € 17,61 1300g: € 48,95
Gula Java Cacao + Vit. D Gula Java Cacao + Vitamin D
Bovis 9.500, Yin 30, GI 30, ORAC 19.152/100g
390g: € 18,95 1300g: N/A

Amanprana Gula Java Cocoa, the healthy performance drink. U.S. top swimmer Michael Phelps drank chocolate milk, not a sports drink.

Michael Phelps, the American swimming champion, did not take steroids or supplements while winning 8 medals at the 2004 Olympic Games; he drank chocolate milk. Various researchers confirm that recovery after heavy exercise is established faster by drinking a low-fat chocolate drink than by taking a sports drink based on sugars only.

Researchers at James Madison university found that serum creatinine kinase levels (a sign of muscle damage) in bodies of soccer players were significantly lower after drinking a low-fat chocolate drink (Amanprana's Gula Java Cocoa) than after drinking a high-carbohydrate sports drink.

In 2006, the University of Indiana already published that drinking low-fat chocolate milk (Gula Java Cocoa organic coconut sugar) helps cyclists recover faster after heavy exercise than a sports drink. Additionally, the female cyclist testees were able to cycle for a 50% longer period than on a high-carbohydrate sports drink. Where is the difference?

Gula Java Cacao, the chocolate milk from Amanprana, improves sport performance

The composition of several substances in Gula Java Cocoa (low-fat chocolate milk) is apparently optimal. Gula Java Cocoa supplies both high levels of carbohydrates and low but sufficient levels of protein during sports performance. The University of Virginia (Harrisonburg) established that adding proteins to high-carbohydrate sports drinks, helps to extend a person's maximum exercise ability by 29% and by as much as 40% during heavy exertion.

Endurance sports? Opt chocolate milk: Amanprana energy drink

The ingredients in Gula Java Cacao energy drink make it the perfect sports drink

Gula Java Cocoa (organic coconut sugar) contains low-fat cocoa as well as high-mineral (electrolytes) coconut blossom sugar including a cinnamon and vanilla booster; it is rich in carbohydrates and contains sufficient proteins that are easily absorbed. The energy drink has a low GI of only 30 to ensure a well-balanced release of energy. Gula Java Cacao has a high antioxidant value (ORAC of 19152/100 g) to protect athletes from oxidation stress during and after exercise.

Gula Java Cacao + Vit D, with added vitamin D from the Amanprana Agaricus mushroom

As well as the Gula Java Cacao version containing coconut blossom sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla and cinnamon, there's also a version with added vitamin D: Gula Java Cacao + Vit D. The vitamin D is in the form of vitamin D2 from the Amanprana Agaricus mushroom.

Vitamin D is vitally important, but sadly around 70% of Europeans are living with a vitamin D deficiency. This is because we often don't spend enough time in the sunshine - and of course, sunlight is required for our skin to make vitamin D. You can correct a deficiency by eating the right foods or taking a supplement. Why is vitamin D so important? A deficiency increases the risk of weakened bones and teeth, cancer, asthma, muscle pain and memory problems. Also, a vitamin D deficiency is often associated with bad moods, which can lead to depression. Tackle this issue with extra vitamin D.Read more about vitamin D

Make Gula Java Cocoa (organic coconut sugar) your healthy performance drink or your ideal energy drink... It is both tasty and easy to drink.

Gula Java Cocoa coconut blossom sugar (organic coconut sugar), the healthy performance drink Use the Gula Java sugar sticks in your chocolate milk