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Can drinking hot chocolate keep your brain young?

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Rebecca Leffler, author, journalist &consultant about healthy food & lifestyle, Long time fan of the Amanprana products, New York, USA

I think researchers are getting a little desperate to find something, anything, that will work to halt memory loss and other signs of age-related cognitive decline. That could be why they've been conducting studies using hot cocoa—with some surprisingly good results.

Does hot chocolate keep your brain young? Gula Java Cacao

In a small study published in Wednesday in the Journal Neurology, researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital found that 18 seniors with vascular problems due to Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure had improved blood flow to the brain after drinking two cups of hot cocoa every day for 30 days. The researchers also found that the participants improved on a test of working memory. The brain relies on an infusion of glucose- and oxygen-rich blood to perform challenging cognitive tasks. In 42 other seniors who participated in the study and who didn't have impaired blood flow, the researchers didn't see any increase in blood flow or improved performance on memory tests from drinking the hot chocolate.

An Italian study last year found an improvement in memory test scores among 90 elderly patients with mild cognitive decline who drank hot cocoa that was rich in flavanols, plant chemicals thought to improve blood vessel function.

This recent study, however, didn't find that the amount of flavanols made a difference: those who consumed cocoa low in flavanols had the same benefits as those who had cocoa rich in the substance. "This could mean that it doesn't take a whole lot of flavanols to get an effect," said study author Dr. Farzaneh A. Sorond, a vascular neurologist at the Brigham, "or there's something besides flavanols in the hot cocoa that are having an effect on blood vessel function."

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Click here for the complete article 'Can drinking hot chocolate keep your brain young' – Deborah Kotz/Globe Staff, from www.Boston.com on 08.09.2013


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