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Kotobuki Matcha as a superfood, pure as green tea or as an energy drink: good for your intestines!

Matcha is packed with polyphenols, which are very good for you. It also contains natural caffeine and many EGCG molecules, which stop cancer.

When you drink matcha you drink the whole tea leaf, which means you absorb all the goodness.

I drink it before exercising, after exercising, I'm a real green tea junkie.

Attila Hildmann, vegan celebrity chef and bestselling author, Germany

Matcha stops intestinal infections and even a low concentration of superfood Matcha appears to stop the formation of tumours in the intestines. Green tea Matcha stimulates bio-activity in the intestines and the catechins in the tea stop intestinal infections. Matcha is good for irritable bowels and Crohn's disease. The findings of 48 studies suggest that Matcha has a positive effect on stomach and intestinal cancers. The anti-oxidant effect, immunity boosting and anti-cancer properties mean superfood Matcha is effective against most intestinal problems.

Matcha and science: intestines

The polyphenols in Matcha result in increased bio-activity in the intestines. 51
The EGCGs in Matcha can be an excellent food supplement in the prevention of intestinal cancer. 71
Matcha and a combination of Matcha with Sulphasalazine reduce intestinal infections.  137
The auto-oxidant molecules in tea catechins are easily absorbed by the epithelial cells of the intestines.  168
Tea catechins inhibit intestinal cancer cells by slowing down the production of proteins which are responsible for metastases.  213
The anti-oxidant effect and immunity protecting and anti-cancer properties make Matcha effective against intestinal, skin, lung, prostate and breast cancer.  255
Even a low concentration of Matcha appears to stop  tumours in the intestines.  258
The findings of 48 studies suggest that Matcha has a positive effect on stomach and intestinal cancers. More study, also into other cancers, is recommended because the findings of the studies are not consistent. 294

Gula Java Matcha + Vit D
Gula Java Matcha + Vit D
  • focus + energy
  • Inner peace and Zen
  • Rich in chlorophylls for detoxing
  • Kotobuki Matcha quality
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Kotobuki Matcha
Kotobuki Matcha
  • Focus, Zen and detox (chlorophyll)
  • 137 times more EGCG catechins than green tea
  • Superfood: vit. E, fibre, minerals, tannins, +15 types of proteins,...
  • Very high antioxidant level
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Matcha is Superfood that you usually drink. Matcha from Amanprana is Superfood ² and Superdrink²