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Green Matcha tea protects the thyroid gland and other hormones. Use superfood Kotobuki Matcha against breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Matcha is packed with polyphenols, which are very good for you. It also contains natural caffeine and many EGCG molecules, which stop cancer.

When you drink matcha you drink the whole tea leaf, which means you absorb all the goodness.

I drink it before exercising, after exercising, I'm a real green tea junkie.

Attila Hildmann, vegan celebrity chef and bestselling author, Germany

Superfood Matcha reduces the chances of cancer of the ovaries and endometrial cancer. The EGCGs in Matcha protect against breast cancer and prostate cancer and other cancers. The polyphenols in green tea inhibit the growth of cancer cells and get the cancer cells to self-destruct. Matcha is a superfood and also has a positive effect on the thyroid gland and reduces the chances of goiters. Matcha can also be used therapeutically to improve the quality of semen.

Matcha and science: hormones

Matcha has no effect on the weight at birth of babies. 23
The catechin EGCG in Matcha improves the motility and the penetrative power of (pigs) semen. 36
Drinking Matcha is associated with increased estradiol values in women. 39
Matcha increases the quality of sperm (in rats). 41
Morphological and functional changes occur in male reproductive glands when Matcha is used. 66
Matcha reduces the chances of ovarian cancer  and endometrial cancer. 95
The EGCGs in Matcha protect against breast and prostate cancer, skin and lung cancer and cancer of the oral cavity, oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, bladder, liver and pancreas. The molecules, responsible for a change in cell structure require further examination. 112
Matcha's positive effect on the thyroid gland is much greater than that of black tea due to the difference in catechin concentration. 152
In countries where a lot of green tea is drunk prostate cancer is less frequent. 247
Matcha may reduce high blood pressure and the risk of cerebral infarction. Regular consumption of Matcha also offers a certain level of protection against prostate and breast cancer. Matcha also reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, thus reducing the cardiovascular risk and the chances of cerebral infarction. 248
Matcha seems promising in treating the HIV virus. EGCGs, the main polyphenols in Matcha appear to have an effect on the quality of sperm and thus combat an HIV spread. 250
The anti-oxidant effect and immunity protecting and anti-cancer properties make Matcha effective against intestinal, skin, lung, prostate and breast cancer.  255
Green tea polyphenols inhibit testosterone production.  262
The polyphenols in green and black tea inhibit the growth of cancer cells and get the cancer cells to self-destruct (in cervical cancer).  266




Gula Java Matcha + Vit D
Gula Java Matcha + Vit D
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  • Inner peace and Zen
  • Rich in chlorophylls for detoxing
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Kotobuki Matcha
Kotobuki Matcha
  • Focus, Zen and detox (chlorophyll)
  • 137 times more EGCG catechins than green tea
  • Superfood: vit. E, fibre, minerals, tannins, +15 types of proteins,...
  • Very high antioxidant level
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