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Nutritional value green tea versus Kotobuki Matcha

Matcha is packed with polyphenols, which are very good for you. It also contains natural caffeine and many EGCG molecules, which stop cancer.

When you drink matcha you drink the whole tea leaf, which means you absorb all the goodness.

I drink it before exercising, after exercising, I'm a real green tea junkie.

Attila Hildmann, vegan celebrity chef and bestselling author, Germany

With Kotobuki Matcha you drink the entire leaf, finely ground. With green tea, you only drink the extract, a portion of the water soluble substances. The graphic below allows you to clearly see that drinking Matcha is many times healthier than drinking green tea (and green tea is already so healthy). With green tea one only drinks a part of the 30% of water soluble substances. With Matcha you drink 100% of water soluble and 100% of non-water soluble substances. This is more natural, holistic and healthier!! One should select Kotobuki Matcha tea above normal green tea because of its abundance of health-promoting nutrients. Matcha tea contains 10 to 15 times more nutrients than regular green tea and 137 times more EGCG catechins than bags of green tea. Matcha tea leaves are steamed, not roasted, and thus preserve the wholesome nutrients.

Matcha in comparison with green tea and coffee.

Nutrients per 10g
Green tea
0,34 g
0,02 g
0,06 g
2,74 g
0,2 g
0,2 g
3,14 g
32,8 mg
3 mg
2 mg
1,3 mg
0,2 mg
200 mg
27 mg
65 mg
Polyphenol (Tannin)
1 g
0,07 g
0,25 g
Vitamin A (B-Carotene)
3 mg
Vitamin E
1,83 mg
Vitamin C
18,5 mg
6 mg










Sources: Ecopro Research Co. Ltd. / By Standard Table of Food Composition in Japan Fifth
Revised Edition, 2000 / Recourses Council, Science and Technology Agency, Japan /

Replace your daily cup of coffee with a cup of Amanprana Kotobuki Matcha or Gula Java Matcha and achieve greater emotional stability, better concentration and more energy together with your daily portion of antioxidants for eternal youth. Kotobuki does not mean 'longevity' for no reason. Matcha keeps you awake!

Kotobuki Matcha
Kotobuki Matcha
  • Focus, Zen and detox (chlorophyll)
  • 137 times more EGCG catechins than green tea
  • Superfood: vit. E, fibre, minerals, tannins, +15 types of proteins,...
  • Very high antioxidant level
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Gula Java Matcha + Vit D
Gula Java Matcha + Vit D
  • focus + energy
  • Inner peace and Zen
  • Rich in chlorophylls for detoxing
  • Kotobuki Matcha quality
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