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Caffeine (theine) in Kotobuki Matcha gives you energy, protects the skin and stimulates fat burning.

Matcha is packed with polyphenols, which are very good for you. It also contains natural caffeine and many EGCG molecules, which stop cancer.

When you drink matcha you drink the whole tea leaf, which means you absorb all the goodness.

I drink it before exercising, after exercising, I'm a real green tea junkie.

Attila Hildmann, vegan celebrity chef and bestselling author, Germany

Caffeine is combined with polyphenols in Matcha. This curbs the formation of free radicals in the skin. Matcha is better than coffee. Matcha is a superfood and apart from the skin also protects the liver. Caffeine increases fat burning in the liver, liver enzymes are stimulated and the appetite is curbed. The highest quality Kotobuki Amanprana Matcha helps you lose weight. Caffeine also affects the sympathetic nervous system and increases energy release.

Matcha and science: anti-ageing body

The polyphenols in Matcha, combined with caffeine inhibit the formation of free radicals in the connective tissue cells of human skin. 82
Matcha, EGCG, quercetine or caffeine increase the anti-oxidant effect of serum and liver and strengthen the membrane density. The caffeine in Matcha appears to have the biggest effect on foreign metabolic enzymes. 88
The slimming effect of Matcha catechins and caffeine may be explained by an effect on the sympathetic nervous system, an increased energy release and a higher fat burning. Possibly the appetite is curbed, lipolytic liver enzymes are stimulated and the metabolism slowed down. 134
The consumption of coffee may lower the risk of depression, but no link was found between the consumption of tea or caffeine (study of middle aged Finnish men). 182
Kotobuki Matcha
Kotobuki Matcha
  • Focus, Zen and detox (chlorophyll)
  • 137 times more EGCG catechins than green tea
  • Superfood: vit. E, fibre, minerals, tannins, +15 types of proteins,...
  • Very high antioxidant level
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Gula Java Matcha + Vit D
Gula Java Matcha + Vit D
  • focus + energy
  • Inner peace and Zen
  • Rich in chlorophylls for detoxing
  • Kotobuki Matcha quality
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Stay awake and alert with Gula Java Matcha from Amanprana