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Strengthened immune system with amanprana superfood Rooibos

Strengthened immune system with amanprana superfood Rooibos
Ingredients: 80% unrefined coconut sugar1,2, 20% ground Kotobuki red Rooibos tea1 from South Africa, 390g, Bovis 9.500, -30 Yin, GI 30 label / nutritional value

390g: € 39,95 - € 45,59

Drink Rooibos like tea, energy drink or mix Rooibos into your meals as a superfood. Aspalathin, the main ingredient of Rooibos, has a high antioxidant value. The water soluble phenols in Rooibos and the flavonoids in particular destroy the free radicals and strengthen your immune system. By consuming Rooibos on a daily basis, even an HIV infection can be kept in check.

Rooibos & science: antioxidants & immune system

Rooibos and black tea can change immune function in vitro. 178
Rooibos is caffeine-free and contains very few tannins in comparison to green or black tea. Rooibos also has an antioxidant and anti-tumour effect and a positive effect on fat content as well as reducing triglycerides and levels of (bad) cholesterol. 302
Antioxidants, amongst others from the polyphenols in Rooibos, can be used therapeutically for the treatment of Alzheimer's. The dihydrochalcones aspalathin and nothofagine in Rooibos have a protective effect on the brain. 305
Aspalathin, the main ingredient in Rooibos, has a high antioxidant value. 307
Rooibos contains aspalathin and quercetin. Aspalathin and the catechin EGCG in Rooibos destroy free radicals. Quercetin and EGCG decrease fat oxidation. 308
There is a structural link between the flavonoids in (fermented) Rooibos and their antioxidant effect. 311
The Rooibos polyphenols have antioxidant and pro-oxidant properties in their watery extract form and when consumed whole 318
Rooibos prevents oxidative stress caused by diabetes (in rats). Rooibos can be recommended in the treatment of vascular problems amongst diabetics. 319
The soluble phenols in Rooibos, and the flavonoids in particular, have antioxidant properties 320
An HIV infection can be kept in check by drinking (the alkaline in) Rooibos on a daily basis. 321
The polysaccharides in Rooibos have a strong anti-HIV effect. 322
Rooibos contains natural antioxidants and slows down cell growth (fibroblasts and myoblasts). 323
The flavonoids in Rooibos have an anti-oxidant effect and protect against radiation. 324
Rooibos increases antioxidant levels thus improving sperm quality (in rats). 330



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