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Amanprana Kotobuki Rooibos: for healthy hormones

Rooibos increases your antioxidants. Scientific research demonstrates that the antioxidants in Rooibos increase the quality of sperm. Rooibos also contains unique phenols which are good for the health. Choose the highest quality Rooibos for the best result.

Rooibos & science: health & hormones

Rooibos contains unique phenols (dihydrochalcone, aspalathin and the flavones isomer, orientin and isoorientin) which are good for the health. 310
Rooibos isolates are phytoestrogens. 317
Rooibos contains natural antioxidants and slows down cell growth (fibroblasts and myoblasts). 323
Rooibos doesn't inhibit iron absorption in the body, unlike standard black tea. 328
Rooibos increases antioxidant levels thus improving sperm quality (in rats). 330
Gula Java Rooibos
Gula Java Rooibos
  • Calm + caffeine-free energy
  • Sourced from 200 Clanwilliam farmers, Cederberg, South Africa
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Kotobuki Rooibos
Kotobuki Rooibos
  • Caffeine-free and calming
  • Kotobuki tea is many times healthier than other tea. You are drinking a multiple of the nutrients
  • Kotobuki is superfood: vitamin E, fibre, minerals, tannins, and 15 to 17 types of proteins,...
  • Amanprana has specially selected the best balance between quality, flavor, nutritional value, and a very high antioxidant level
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Scientific research demonstrates that Rooibos improves the quality of sperm.