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Protection against cancer with Kotobuki Rooibos

Rooibos reduces the size of benign tumours, keeps a check on cancer forming cells and cell division.Rooibos also protects against chemo. Because Rooibos only contains a small amount of catechins, the antimutagenic action of Rooibos must also come from different substances in the Rooibos.

Rooibos & science: cancer

Unfermented green tea and Rooibos reduce the size of benign tumours of the oesophagus and slow down cell division. 98
Rooibos is caffeine-free and contains very few tannins in comparison to green or black tea. Rooibos also has an antioxidant and anti-tumour effect and a positive effect on fat content as well as reducing triglycerides and levels of (bad) cholesterol. 302
Rooibos protects against chemo. (Unfermented) Rooibos inhibits the multiplication of cancer cells. 312
Aspalathine and nothofagine and other flavonoids have a moderate antimutagenic effect. (mutagen is a genotoxic substance which damages the DNA) 315
Rooibos keeps cancer-forming cells in check (transformation of C3H10T1/2 cells in mice). 326
Rooibos contains very few catechins so the antimutagenic effect of Rooibos, notably its clastogen-suppressing effect (clastogen causes breaks in chromosomes), has to come from other substances in the Rooibos. 327
Gula Java Rooibos
Gula Java Rooibos
  • Calm + caffeine-free energy
  • Sourced from 200 Clanwilliam farmers, Cederberg, South Africa
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Kotobuki Rooibos
Kotobuki Rooibos
  • Caffeine-free and calming
  • Kotobuki tea is many times healthier than other tea. You are drinking a multiple of the nutrients
  • Kotobuki is superfood: vitamin E, fibre, minerals, tannins, and 15 to 17 types of proteins,...
  • Amanprana has specially selected the best balance between quality, flavor, nutritional value, and a very high antioxidant level
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Superfood Rooibos reduces the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer, keeps a check on tumours and protects against chemo.