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Eyes and saffron

For many years I am using several Amanprana products. My all-time favorites are Kotobuki Matcha, Gula Java Cacao, Gula Java Safran, Coconut Oil, Botanico Mix and Razoli.

Marco Zielinski, Geschäftsführer, Rhino's energy GmbH, Germany

Safran protects the eyes with carotenes and antioxidants. Saffron protects the retina, aids the repair of sustained retinal damage and slows down the ageing of the retina.

Safranal, an active nutrient in saffron, slows down the ageing of the retina (decelerates retinal degeneration amongst patients with retinitis pigmentosa). 500
Saffron-supplements reduce deterioration of the retina brought on by ageing (age-related: macular degeneration, central loss of sight) 501
Crocetin, a carotene in saffron, protects the retina and aids the repair of sustained retinal damage. 502
Crocetin, a derivative of crocin in saffron, prevents NMDA retinal damage. NMDA is a harmful substance which over-stimulates neurons. 503




Gula Java Safran
Gula Java Safran
  • Feel well + energy
  • Slow Food saffron of the best quality (ISO 1), Jiloca, Spain
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Eyes and saffron