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Superfoods: saffron as a superfood and its healing effects

For many years I am using several Amanprana products. My all-time favorites are Kotobuki Matcha, Gula Java Cacao, Gula Java Safran, Coconut Oil, Botanico Mix and Razoli.

Marco Zielinski, Geschäftsführer, Rhino's energy GmbH, Germany

Calming superfood for ADHD and nerves

Saffron milk is a calming and extremely tasty drink which alleviates stress. Add a pinch of saffron to a glass of cereal drink or milk and place on a low heat for two minutes. If need be sweeten the mixture with a little coconut blossom sugar or honey, and drink several times a day. Also try the Gula Java Saffran.

Good sleep

To get to sleep more quickly and promote deeper sleep, add a pinch of saffron to a glass of cereal drink or milk before you go to bed.

Superfood to combat gout symptoms

A known method of combating gout is to rub the joints with a saffron-based balsam. Since saffron is extremely expensive, a saffron balsam is no doubt difficult to find in the shops. You can make it at home, by crushing the saffron threads to a powder and then mixing them with coconut oil. Apply a thin layer of the balsam to the painful areas; preferably rubbed in, twice a day, morning and evening. Continue to do this until the pain has completely disappeared.

Superfood for toothache and swollen gums

Crush a saffron thread to a powder. Use your index finger to apply the powder to the painful gum. Rub in well. If desired, you can mix the saffron with a little coconut oil or coconut blossom syrup (a little water or oil mixed with coconut blossom syrup or honey).

Saffron tea as painkiller for the mouth

Saffron can be used as a painkiller for young children who are teething. Make a tea with sufficient saffron threads and water, leave to cool down and rub into the gums a few times, until the pain eases.

Superfood as a herbal infusion or stock

The Crocus sativus calms a cough and alleviates a cold. The right dose for a herbal infusion: 0.5 grams to 1 gram of saffron per litre of water. In stock saffron encourages digestion (a good dose: 1 gram per litre stock).

Superfood that stimulates hunger and digestion

You can make a herbal infusion which stimulates digestion, and slightly stimulates hunger, by placing a few saffron threads in a glass of boiling water. Drink this tea after the meal, in order to encourage digestion, or to revive the appetite in children.

Superfood for relaxing and pain-relieving massage

Saffron mixed with coconut oil to loosen up painful parts of the body. Treat yourself or your children. The superfood saffron is great for body and mind.
Gula Java Safran
Gula Java Safran
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Superfoods: saffron as a superfood and its healing effects