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Hydration and digestion

Freshly squeezed fruit juice as a sports drink?

Pure, freshly squeezed, undiluted fruit juices are not the ideal drink for endurance sports. They are healthy and hypertonic (high in sugars) and are ideal 30 to 60 minutes before sports. After sustained or intensive exercise, they contain too little protein. After intensive and sustained exercise, the body’s protein supply needs to be replenished. Fresh fruit juice mixed with 50 to 70% water is excellent as a thirst quencher and sports drink during endurance sports.

Less hydration means worse performance, less concentration, less endurance, less strength, etc.

Muscles consist of 70% water. 3% moisture loss results in 10% less strength and 8% less speed. It is necessary to drink something every 15 to 30 minutes during physical exertion in which you lose moisture through sweating, urine and evaporation.
Adequate hydration is also necessary for concentration and endurance. Our body is mostly made up of water, and nothing works as well if it is dehydrated. It is like the oil in a car engine. Even the most powerful engine won’t work if it doesn’t have oil for lubrication. Water has the same function in the body. Adequate water ensures that your muscles can work. Adequate water ensures that your brain can work, etc.

Intensive exercise means that the digestion is inactive

During intensive physical exertion, your digestive system is largely inactive. Heavy foods or drinks that you then take in remain in the stomach and intestines and rot or ferment during sustained exertion. This can then easily result in intestinal or stomach complaints. The higher the osmotic pressure of your sports drink during the sport, the greater the chance of stomach or intestinal complaints during sports/training/exertion/competition.

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