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Healthy weight loss, fast slimming, dieting, excess weight

Losing weight with Gula Java performance drinks: easy slimming and losing excess weight with fast results.

Amanprana performance drinks are the ideal source of nutrition for weight loss and cleansing at the same time. Amanprana performance drinks are a perfect replacement for diet shakes, detox drinks, the lemon juice and maple diet and other meal replacements for weight loss. Dieting, healthy weight loss, fast and effective slimming, losing excess weight: this can be done very effectively, healthily and quickly with Amanprana healthy performance drinks.

Effective dieting: 300kcal per day with 2.5 litres of Gula Java performance drink!!!!

Take a performance drink of your choice 5 x per day. Put 5 x 15g (1 large tablespoon) in 500ml cold, warm or lukewarm water. These 5 drinks will provide a total of only 300 kcal. Yes, only 60 kcal per portion! And 500ml is a lot and gives a full feeling in the stomach because the Gula Java releases its energy slowly, for 3 to 5 hours of energy without real hunger and without ups and downs. It is important that you don’t miss a drink: always take the next drink within 4 hours of the last one. This will prevent binge eating and make weight loss quick and easy.
How long can you follow a diet? Up to 2 to 3 months without problems and possibly longer, as long as you feel good. The performance drinks are very healthy, but they don’t replace a varied healthy diet. Living on only performance drinks is not wise in the long term because this is too limited and therefore unhealthy. Using the performance drinks for a period to lose weight does help, and is easier than you think.

‘Oopsies’ during your diet? ‘Oopsies’ are rewards during your weight-loss diet. Dieting is more likely to be successful if you are easier on yourself and reward yourself with something delicious once in a while. This is part of the diet. Do it deliberately and don’t eat the ‘oopsie’ too quickly. Relax and enjoy each ‘oopsie’, because you’ve earned it.

A gentler way of slimming and losing weight. With 1000 kcal per day.

Use your imagination, a free hand. A lot is possible.
Example 1: You can mix grain drinks, milk, fresh fruit juice or fresh vegetable juices into the 5 portions of performance drinks instead of water. Or put the same large tablespoon (15g) into only 250ml of grain drink, milk, fruit or vegetable juice. Drink 1 glass of water immediately before or after. In this way, you get 1000kcal per day.
Example 2: You can supplement the 5 portions of performance drink with 3 light meals of 250kcal each for a total of 1050kcal.

What are the best performance drinks for slimming?

Losing weight? Gula Java Earl Grey, Gula Java Matcha, Gula Java Cacao or Gula Java Rooibos.

Gula Java performance drinks
Gula Java performance drinks
  • A delicious sports drink
  • Helps you perform long-term
  • Fair trade + fair world
  • The latest generation sports drink for endurance and energy
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Losing weight with Gula Java performance drinks: easy slimming and losing excess weight with fast results.